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Dec 19, 2011 10:52 AM

Mitzi's in Farmington Hills/Lefty's in Livonia( DTW MI)

During my errands in the last week I came upon Mitzi's Chinese Take Out and Lefty's Cheese Steaks. Since moving here I've been searching for good Chinese food. Anyone been to Mitzi's? And then there's Lefty's. I used to live in suburban Philly, so I know a good steak. Anyone been to Lefty's? Thanks.

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  1. :( Sad that there is no help here. I grown way to dependent on you. Oh well.

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      Sorry Rheta. I'm sure many of us read your post, but just haven't tried the places. I'm more east, so the only FH Chinese place I've tried is Empire Dynasty at 9 Mile and Middlebelt. It is hit and miss, but if you know the things they do well and like that style, then you can get some enjoyable stuff. They are a favorite of Asians at (somewhat) nearby colleges and international companies.

      The owner's family I think is ethnically Korean, but moved to China's Shandong (northeastern) province generations ago. Then, they came to the US and maybe had some crappy takeout places, and now are trying to do some legit' N.E. Chinese food as well as the chop suey.

      For instance, they make a noodle (or micro dumpling) where they put flour in a sieve or something, sprinkle water drops on it (causing small clumps of loose "dough"), and then let the excess dry flour separate out downwardly. The delicate tiny dough bits left are sauteed in a light liquid. Interesting.

      The closest I came to a DTW cheesesteak was on a recent Sunday in Southfield when I stopped by Ziggy's Cheesesteak Co. (and they are closed on Sundays!).

      1. re: Rheta

        These two are kind'a, sort'a in JP's neighborhood. Perhaps he'll check-in soon.

        re: Lefty's ... over on Y(awn), it rates only 3-stars. Not a good sign. When on that side of town
        and jonesing for cheese steak, I'm likely gonna head to Gabriels.

        1. re: rainsux

          Don't think I'll be going to Lefty's anytime soon! So you like Gabriels? Have you ever tried Joey's and if you have how do they compare?

          1. re: Rheta

            I went to Joey's ... and they toasted the PCS; which was not expected, or welcome. I
            hope it's avail w/out toasting. But frankly, I have not returned.

            Whenever I'm in the area and Jones'ing for a PCS, I go back to Gabriel's.

        2. re: Rheta

          Honestly, I've driven by but avoided Mitzi's. It has that 1950s/60s look to it, and "Mitzi" as a Chinese restaurant owner? Bet it is a few decades old from the time the suburbs first expanded. I grew up eating Americanized Chinese food with canned veggies, don't want to risk retrying it. Maybe it's kosher Chinese, who knows.

          1. re: HillsofBeverly

            I think "Mitzi" is known to mean/sound like "lucky" in Cantonese. I've seen a few Cantonese restaurants with "Mitzi" in their name. I love Cantonese, so I'd be willing to try this. I used to drive by it when I lived in the Farmington/Novi area, but never was able to stop. I've seen folks in there on Fri/Sat nights, so it's probably ok. I hope someone tries it and reports back!

        3. i'm also from the east - new york - and i've found that the Chinese take out here is very hit and miss. If you like Dim Sum Shangra-la on Orchard Lake Rd and Maple Rd in Farmington Hills is great. The best Chinese food I've found is Szechuan Canton on Ford Rd. in Canton. It's a bit of a ride but when you need some good Chinese food it's worth it. On the other hand, the Indian food here is outstanding. Try Rumalees on 12 mile rd & Middlebelt for their buffet lunch. Can't help you on the steak.

          1. New mandarin garden is good (twice cooked pork) it is at 13 and orchard deep in the parking lot behind the liqor store on the 12 mile side

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              Thanks everyone for your replies. Sorry about my whining! Happy Holidays!

            2. I know someone who swears by Mitzi's. Never been, but from his descriptions it's pretty similar to a lot of the other Chinese places in the area. I'm afraid that means it probably isn't what you're looking for, based on prior posts. Sorry. Have you tried Ing on 12 Mile and Halsted?

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              1. re: Fibber McGee

                Thanks for the feedback Fibber! On Christmas Eve day I stopped by Mitzi's to pick up a menu and to see if they were open on Christmas. They were not open Christmas and I did get a menu. I think at some point we will give it a try. Only about 10 minutes from our house so that is good. Not too many spicy options but enough. I have tried Ing. Didn't care for it. Others we've tried in the area:Hong Hua, Empire Dynasty, New Mandarin Garden and Shangri la. Shangri la was our favorite so far but not really wanting to go back. I guess we are just too picky!

                1. re: Rheta

                  You like what you like. Nothing wrong with that. Have you given Kim's Gardens on Novi Road South of Twelve Oaks a try? Probably the largest menu in the area, a lot of things you won't find at the majority of places in Oakland County.

                  1. re: Rheta

                    Rheta, have you tried New Peking in Garden City? The Crab meat Rangoon, egg rolls, hot and sour soup are outstanding. They also do a great job with Szechuan Pork, Yu-Shan scallops and Imperior chicken. Their Kung Pao and Dry Garlic dishes are definitely worth a try too. And I love their green beans too.

                    Here's the website:

                    1. re: Rosedale

                      Also, they have Kimchi. It isn't on the menu so you have to ask for a side of it. I guess the owners spent some time in Korea before coming here.

                2. Lefty's is nothing special. The roll is like a giant hot dog bun and falls apart before you are finished and the meat is chopped too fine for my taste. If you are from Philly you maybe disapointed with the cheese steaks in Michigan. My biggest complaint are the rolls - they are very soft, and are missing the very fine crackly crisp crust that I am used to on the East Coast.

                  I moved here from NY last year and gave up on good Chinese food after 4 or 5 really poor experiences. About a month a go I went to Shangra-La on Middlebelt and 12 - loved it - totally tasted like Chinese food from back home. Have since gone for Dim Sum at the location in West Bloomfield (again food was good, but crowded and service suffered). I have been told about good Chinese in Canton and Ann Arbor, but haven't had a chance to try it. I have gone for Dim Sum at Kims Garden in Novi 4 or 5 times. The food is hot and most of it has been good - although very salty. It is close to my house in Plymouth - so it is easy for us. I have had much better Thai food here in Michigan than in NY - so that makes me happy.

                  My neighbor is Chinese and moved here in the 80's from China. I asked her where she goes for good chinese food - she told me her kitchen... She then mentioned a place in Troy. It is too far for us to drive with two young kids - so I forgot the name.

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                  1. re: jmax

                    "My neighbor is Chinese and moved here in the 80's from China. I asked her where she goes for good chinese food - she told me her kitchen... She then mentioned a place in Troy. It is too far for us to drive with two young kids - so I forgot the name."

                    FOUL! No teasing us here with such things.

                    It wouldn't surprise me if there were someplace in Troy that could do good Chinese. Go a bit south into Madison Heights and you're in one of the best places for Vietnamese food, and there's also some good Szechwan (I never know how to spell that correctly) to be had at least I thought it was very good when the Chowzies got together for a (Tri) Zest Fest. Stinking *loved* those pork dumplings in chili oil and the squirrel tail fish.

                    1. re: boagman

                      East Lake maybe, or Mon Jin Lau??

                      I got carryout from East Lake a few weeks ago and there were people having dim sum which looked pretty good.

                    2. re: jmax

                      > She then mentioned a place in Troy. It is too far for us to drive with two
                      > young kids - so I forgot the name.

                      Dean Wormer wants the name. Please. Otherwise; he may have to place
                      you on double-secret probation. <g>