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Dec 19, 2011 10:38 AM

Gluten-Free Italian?

I want to take someone out to a nice restaurant, but she absolutely hates Asian dishes. Go figure, as it would have been the easiest way of avoiding triggering her gluten intolerance issues. She asked me if there were any decent/good Italian restaurants in Austin that might have gluten-free...of all things....pasta? Would anyone happen to know of any corn/quinoa/rice pasta dishes in the area?

Thank you in advance!

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  1. Enoteca Vespaio offers a gluten free option for all their pastas except for the filled raviolini. I haven't had any of them so I can't tell you if they're good or not or what brand of pasta they're using. Still, it's probably your best and perhaps only bet.

    1. Maggiano's Little Italy in the Domain is great for gluten-free. Let your server know that your guest is gluten-free and the chef will come to your table to help them select a meal. They can make almost any of there items gluten free. Mom is gluten free and this is her favorite place to go when she comes to town.

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        I have to agree. Went to Maggiano's completely expecting to eat nothing but maybe a glass of water and a bowl of rice, or some disgusting gluten free pasta that I have become used to, but the pasta I had was really good. Almost like real food. And the staff was really great about taking care of us. I recommend them for gluten free options.

      2. I've not been here, but I've heard that Trento in Westlake has a gluten free menu.

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          I work in the building right behind Trento, and Trento's owner(?)/GM Donnie Damuth (ex-GM of NoRTH in The Domain) is a friend. I stopped by to say "Hi" and saw their gluten-free menu; it has about a handful of items in each.

          Additional tidbits:

          One of the chefs, Andreas Exarhos came from Austin's Zoot (which has re-opened at a new location on Bee Cave Rd.).

          The other of Trento's chefs, Alex Kahn, is a 27-year old "kid" from nearby Westlake:

          Finally: no, we have not eaten at Trento yet, but considering that we know both the GM's track record, and that Trento has a couple of (other) chefs from 2nd Bar/Bar Congress, we'll definitely try it soon.

        2. Red Brick Oven on 35th Street (across from former El Arbol) has a decent gluten free menu.