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Dec 19, 2011 10:26 AM

The use and abuse of Yelp when combined with "reality" TV cooking competitions

One thing I really hate when reading recipe reviews is when people "rate" and "comment" on them without ever having tried the recipe. (Or after trying the recipe but changing everything about it)

Now we have people "rating" restaurants they've never even gone to on Yelp based upon how they feel about a chef's behavior on a heavily edited "reality" TV show. (I know this is nothing new... saw several after Kitchen Nightmare's U.S. as well).

I just don't undertand the point. Why review something you've never experienced? And in the case of the reality show .. haven't even watched the end of the show which was taped some 5-6 months ago. And yes, I'm speaking of Heather and Sable Restaurant. She's a cook on this season's Top Chef.

I understand that some people may feel passionately about the characters on a reality TV show, but is that really the purpose of Yelp? Seems like there should be some way to screen out legitimate reviews from people who just have an axe to grind.

Here's a link to a Yelp page on that particular restaurant.

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  1. Read some of the "reviews". Pretty harsh especially considering very few of those referencing the show have even eaten there. Yelp always has to be taken with a grain of salt. In this case a pillar of salt. If Yelp wants to show any pretense that they are a legit reference for food, they'd remove those postings. At least the reviewers didn't try to claim they actually ate there and then gave 1 star.
    I don't care for Heather, or at least how's she been depicted thus far, but I'm the type that would now eat at her restaurant if only to negate the effects of those yelp reviews.