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Dec 19, 2011 09:50 AM

Enrique's - Long Beach (Late Lunch Yesterday)

It's been several years since my last visit to Enrique's in Long Beach. I had the same thing yesterday that I had my last visit, the pork shank with rice and a tomatillo based green sauce. This thing is huge and delicious (as it was the last time I had it). The put the rice at one end and the sauce at the other and give you either corn or flour tortillas with it. Fall off the bone and making little pork and rice and sauce tacos was sublime. The weakness for me was the weak tortillas and the chips they serve with their salsa (salsa is good with okay heat). Seemed like store bought tortillas and a little bit too thin and bit on the stale side when it came to the chips. But the pork shank makes up for it all and more.

Nice, friendly and prompt service.

I hope it's not so long before our next visit.

Just a little heads up on getting into their mall. If you are going west bound on PCH you need to turn left at the light (Loynes Drive) to then go left into their little one story mall on the SW corner of Loynes Dr. and PCH.

6210 E Pacific Coast Hwy, Long Beach, CA 90803

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  1. Their chips have never been all that great. And their tortillas are functional, but not awesome. I have *got* to try the pork shank, as I hear tons of great reviews of it.

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    1. re: Fig Newton

      I would like to branch out a bit and try some other items, but we don't get down that way too often and it's difficult to forgo the pork shank when I know it may be years before I come back. I also want to commend their service again. Our waitress was both warm and efficient. I'm just glad it was late in the afternoon so we didn't have to wait for the normal crowds to filter through. I admit to adding their salsa to the shank as well. It gave it another layer of smokey goodness and added a bit of heat to what is other wise not that spicy of a dish.

      1. re: Servorg

        For some reason, I always get the name of this joint mixed up with Javier's, which excels at something else.

      2. re: Fig Newton

        Like the pork shank, the sea bass is another must have item that's an always available as an off menu special. I always get the eggplant appetizer when available as well.

        1. re: JAB

          Dang, that sounds good.

          Can you describe the eggplant dish further ?


          1. re: kevin

            From the menu: Berenjena Elena: sauteed eggplant over tomatillo cream sauce topped /w poblano chile and cheese $7.50. I also recall it having toasted pumpkin seeds as well.

      3. That pork shank is my go-to when I'm ending a strict diet. That first splurge has to be good. And the pork shank is more than good. It's several mouths-ful of Heaven.

        The chips are a bit meh, sure. They're primarily a delivery system for their salsa and guacamole, so I'm fine with them.

        FULL DISCLOSURE: They catered my wedding and I know Michelle PĂ©rez a bit (Enrique's wife and business partner), so maybe my judgment is a bit biased. Well, too bad. I love this place and dine there happily as much as I can.

        Their version of Surf 'n' Turf (grilled filet mignon slices and grilled tiger prawns) is quite awesome, as are their Ribs 'n' Fries (the ribs are citrus-rubbed and perfectly tender and delicious).

        Great-- now I want to go eat there some night this week...!!!

        1. their sabana steak is good ... thin grilled steak under a big salad with lots of radishes, etc.

          1. When I used to live in LB and frequented Enriques, you could request their habanero hot sauce ... I used to buy extra to take home.

            1. I have been a longtime, devoted fan of Enrique's. They work hard to know their clientele and to remember each one's preferences. I frequent their other location (Downey Avenue Bellflower, CA 90706, 562-602-1070) and have never been disappointed with the shank, the ribeye diablo, carne asada (best I have ever had) or even the custom combination plate I now frequently order which is not even on their menu (tiny surcharge because its all protein and well worth it). The salsa cruda is homemade as are all the desserts. Bananas are ripe plantains, not sweet bananas, so enjoy the authenticity. I tell all my friends about Enrique's and I go whenever I can. Great food, good atmosphere and excellent frienly customer service. Bellflower location hidden in the corner of a strip mall.