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Dec 19, 2011 09:19 AM

Good red wine to cellar for 5 years and drink on an anniversary

I'll be getting married in January and my fiancee and I would like to buy a really nice bottle of red wine that we can open on our 5th wedding anniversary. Can someone recommend a smooth red that will age well over the next 5 years that doesn't need to be paired with anything specific to enjoy the most out of it? Our rough budget is up to $75. Any suggestions are welcome!

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  1. First question, do you have a "safe" place to put the wine down for a couple of years ?
    Heck, 5 years is not that long, a good dark place at the bottom of a bedroom closet could be enough.

    A good beaujolais (fixin,morgon ... ) or a good sancerre.

    I suggest going to your local LCBO (I assume you are in TO. based on your name) and ask around, if you have the chance to taste wines you both like at restaurants and wine bars, keep notes and ask them if those wines can keep for a couple of years.

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      FWIW, a Fixin is actually a Burgundy, *not* a Beaujolais. Perhaps you meant Fleurie? Still, I would not recommend either a Cru de Beaujolais (and certainly not a Beaujolais-Villages or "straight" Beaujolais) or a Sancerre Rouge to cellar for five years to someone without knowing that they like these types of wines with age on them . . . most (North) Americans are not used to these wines with age, and they develop quite differently than, say, a California or Washington State Cabernet Sauvignon would.

      Just y opinion, however, and certainly YMMV.

      1. re: zin1953

        Fixin/Fleurie ... I stand corrected...

    2. For 5 years, with an adequate cellar, many good Cal-Cabs, or 4-5th Growth Bdx. should be good, and within the price-points.

      The same can be said for many white Burgs, provided that you enjoy an older white - they are not for everyone, but are excellent, IMHO.

      Good luck,


      1. I'm assuming you will want a vintage 2012 wine? Reds picked in 2012 will hit the shelves beginning in late 2013. Revive this thread then.
        You'll probably have more luck with New World wines.

        1. The idea of opening a wine "down the road" to celebrate an anniversary is a great one, IMHO, but since you are getting married in January 2013, I would wait for the 2013 vintage to hit the market -- in other words, IMHO, buying wine(s) from the year of your marriage will be more *emotionally* satisfying and will bring greater meaning to your 5th anniversary celebration than opening a bottle from 2010 (for example) . . . .

          That said, as for types of wines, I'd go with Hunt's suggestions -- check out the selection at the LCBO for a California (or Washington State) Cabernet Sauvignon, or a 4me or 5me Cru Bordeaux -- or, perhaps, something from the Rhône like a Châteauneuf-du-Pape or a Cornas.

          Cheers - and congratulations!


          1. Another tought ...

            Since you are from Ontario, look for good Ontario wines; make a long week-end trip to some of the wineries and ask around for suggestions, they will certainly be able to make recomendations; and they will tell you when they will release vintage you are interested in.