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Dec 17, 2011 11:27 PM

Fry Bread House East, Mesa AZ

Adding a quick note on Fry Bread House East in Mesa, after trying it last weekend. Since it's newer than the original, the interior feels fresher and cleaner though it's still fast food counter service.

One of my friends at home had chided me for not ordering one of the stews at FBH last year, so that was a must-do this trip. I went with a mini bowl of the green chile stew. Too fiery for me to eat much of on its own, the fry bread was a welcome damper. But the complexity of the taste drew me back for more and more hits of the stew, even though I was more than stuffed from the day's activities. The cubes of beef were rather stringy, but I was ignoring them anyway. The perfect bite for me was a torn off piece of fry bread dipped in the saucy green chile. I didn't feel the fry bread was as magnificent as the one last year. At FBH East, my order was not as flaming hot, don't know if it was held under a heat lamp or sat too long before it appeared at my table.

I'd hoped to compare it to Cafe Laguna, but sadly that spot appears to be closed. Phone is disconnected even though the website is still up.

Cafe Laguna
2235 S Power Rd, Mesa, AZ 85209

Fry Bread House East
1916 W Baseline Rd, Mesa, AZ

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  1. Thanks for the review. It's a stone's throw from my house, but their 7pm closing hour is so ridiculous that we've never made it there. Looks like we're better off sticking to the original (which is happily a stone's throw from work!).

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