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Dec 19, 2011 08:45 AM

Best Costco in NY area for kosher meat? (or any other stores?)

I live in New Haven and I'll be passing through New York. I figure it's time to restock the meat freezer, and now I have a Costco membership.

Which Costco has the best prices and selection for kosher meat?

Is there a different store/butcher that would be worth a drive once every few months to stock up, with prices even better than Costco?


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  1. The Costco in the 5 Towns area (on Rockaway Turnpike) has a nice selection of kosher meats and other items.

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      it really depends on what youre looking for, if youre spending a whole day in town, id send you to a couple of places base don the sales that week, like this week, great neck everfresh has a couple of cuts of red meat on sale for great price and so does fairway, and i think both have far better quality than costco, BUT, costco definitely packs their stuff for stocking up

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        Which places would you recommend (aside from the two you mentioned)? Which Fairway are you talking about? They opened one in Stamford, and while the quality is very high, so are the prices. Do any of these places post their flyers online? Or is there a single source for us "out of town" folks to find this week's specials?

        I'd be willing to make a serious day of it and plan to do it every two months.

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          Costco in Brooklyn doesn't have that much kosher meat. They have some frozen Empire chicken. Fairway in Brooklyn has kosher meat that's great quality, but the prices have gone up and sometimes their selection is slim.

          TV Vues has a website with specials at Brooklyn stores. It's a black and white publication that's avail for free in most local stores, but it's helpful to see the sales online.

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            Fairway's website ( has the specials for all of the stores except for the ones in Manhattan. It's possible that shoelace was referring to Douglaston or Plainview, give his/her mention of everfresh.

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              whichever fairway is the most recent is going to have the best prices, and right now, thats douglaston, which would actually be right on your way in as its right off the cross island

              fyi costco in newrochelle also has a decent sized kosher dept, and its right off the 95, without having to pass over the bridge in to queens, and in that area, there is also a seasons, seasons in queens has a good circular in general, and while im having a hard time opening the circular for the store in westchester, ive heard that since the new ownership, since they became seasons not supersol, their prices are waaaay better

              sales for most stores are posted thursday night, so i dont know who has the best situation for you this coming sunday, but ill happily check it out thursday night and post here

              1. re: shoelace

                I'm a fan of the Costco in New Rochelle. They carry Solomon's Glatt, which I've enjoyed so far. Plus everything is vacuum packaged, so you can just toss it in the freezer and not worry about freezer burn. I recently took two ribeyes out of the freezer that I bought in June, they still tasted great.

        1. re: Moishefrompardes

          krm and moisha's have great prices, especially on sale items. Moisha's is a great store for stocking up... I buy Chobani yogurts there for $1.15-- about 20 per week. Bought a package of sushi the other day for husband to take for lunch-- he said it was excellent. Dairy and frozen items are typically cheaper also.

          1. re: cheesecake17

            fairway in douglaston has chobani for .75, we bought like a million of them, and now have no room to stock up for this weekends two chanukah parties :-( but what a great price

            1. re: shoelace

              I would have walked out with cases!!!!!! I love the stuff...I eat 2 or 3 a day

        2. Costco in the 5 Towns has a nice selection. As long as you are in the neighborhood check out Seasons (formerly Supersol) they have SOME excellent meat prices. In general they are VERY expensive, however in the meat department you can find some bargains - especially their Tevya brand of meat.

          1. I know this is an old thread, but for you in New Haven, I would suggest heading to the Costco in New Rochelle, and then you can hit the Fairway in Pelham Manor, only a couple of miles away. There is probably a kosher butcher or two in New Rochelle itself, but I'd expect it to be higher priced than either of these (and Fairway isn't nearly as cheap on kosher meat as they used to be, unfortunately). Check the Fairway ad online to see what meat they have on sale. If you head south on 95 and start at Costco and then take the Hutch/Merit back, you'll avoid the northbound toll in I-95.

            Of course, you can also just go to Fairway in Stamford.

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              New Roc Glatt. And yes, it is super expensive.

            2. Has anyone noticed that Costco seems to be carrying less kosher meat than they did, or am I just unlucky? I've been to New Rochelle (twice) and Nanuet (once) in the past few weeks and did not find the rib eye steaks or london broils. New Rochelle did not have the frozen Meal Mart chicken nuggets either time, but Nanuet did. Are they maybe selling out or just not carrying the rib eyes and london broil anymore? They did have flanken and some roast wrapped in string (which I think I still have in my freezer) and chop meat.