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Dec 19, 2011 08:28 AM

best restaurant between Fort Worth and Houston

I will be driving from Fort Worth to Houston and want to stop somewhere in between for dinner. What is the best bet?

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  1. I'd head for Sam's in Fairfield. A more than respectable buffet and the pies are way yummy. Getting a fresh slice when they are baking them is a bit of 'hound heaven. Right along I-45.

    1. I second the recommendation for Sam's in Fairfield, on the road between Dallas/Ft.Worth and Houston. Good food, (and lots of it), great pie if you haven't already overdone the first part of the meal. Then again, there isn't a lot of competition on that stretch of I45 unless you like McDonalds and Burger King

      Sam's Original Bar-B-Q
      390 Interstate 45 E, Fairfield, TX 75840

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        If you go through Madisonville be sure to stop at Buck-ees. It's a gas station with a huge convenience store. If you like candied jalapenos, they have some that are great. They also have a deli counter.

        1. re: mjtx

          I'll return the favor and second Buck-ee's! The "nuggets" are addictive and the cherry butter is pretty damned close.

          1. re: GroovinGourmet

            I had coffee at a Buck-ee's in Gonzales, TX yesterday morning. Is that any relation? Wednesday night I drove from Fort Worth to Gonzales, and Thursday night drove from Gonzales to Richards. I'm back home tonight in FW. Not a single edible or drinkable thing the entire trip!!! I hope I'm at least 10 lbs. lighter tomorrow considering all the horses I worked the past two days. The water I ordered with dinner last night in Gonzales tasted just like the stinky air. Fortunately I had bottled water in my car. Wednesday night got to Gonzales after almost everything had closed, so figured I could find something edible and nutritious at WalMart. That was a pretty scary WalMart and I walked out empty-handed. Ended up with gas station food that I threw out. Hope your trip is better than mine.

            Tonight I was so happy for just a simple baked potato at home!!!