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Dec 19, 2011 07:22 AM

Best butternut squash roasting method?

I've always done a simple roasting with a bit of maple syrup and/or sage. Other more creative ideas?

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  1. What method do you use? What is "simple?"
    The last time I roasted butternut, I peeled it with a vegetable peeler, then cut it up into cubes. Tossed with some olive oil, kosher salt, black pepper; and partway through added some garlic and sage.
    Sometimes I leave it in halves, roasted, then scoop out. It depends on how I want it served. If I want caramelized edges, then I cube it.
    Other seasonings to try are allspice and cardamom.
    Throw in some toasted hazelnuts, or shaved parmesan/asiago/romano.

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      For seasoning, I frequently use a curry powder (I usually have the Spice House sweet curry blend on hand) and occasionally a smoked paprika.

      1. re: wyogal

        My simple method is pretty much what you wrote: cubed if I want caramelized bits, halved otherwise.
        Thanks, all, for the different flavoring ideas.

      2. Simple is best. I toss mine in oil and add crushed coriander, cumin and pepper before roasting

        1. Cinnamon and a pinch of cayenne is another way to go.

          1. I cut into cubes and roast in a pyrex with olive oil, tamari and sesame seeds.

            1. Butternut is my least favorite winter squash because I think it lacks flavor compared to other winter squashes. Would you consider trying butter Cup or Kabocha squash? Delicatas have nice flavor, too.