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Dec 19, 2011 07:21 AM

Where can i get El Yucateco Habanero Hot Sauces in NYC?

My boyfriend loves hotsauce and spicy things. I want to get him good hotsauce for Christmas and have heard El Yucateco Habanero Hot Sauces are awesome. Does anyone know where you can get them in the city?


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  1. Tehuitzingo Deli Grocery or Kalustyan's.

    123 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10016

    695 10th Ave, New York, NY 10036

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      Kalustyans has a nive selection of hot sauces. Also a company called Original Juan has some very tastey hot sauces, salsas and dips you might want to get him a variety pack.

    2. Honestly, they're not hard to find. Many of my local bodegas and even supermarkets carry the brand on the UWS. Alternatively, Amazon has a full selection at very low prices.
      If he's really into hot sauces, you should check out the massive selection at peppers.com

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        Much as i love kalustyans im with strange md on this one - these should be easy to find in any grocery store catering to a mexican or latino customer base - i see them nearly everywhere in brooklyn.

        Incidentally, the ungodly green (like, chicago style relish green) salsa habanero is my favorite, but use in moderation because its serious stuff (and unlike other hot sauces the makers dont put tiny titrating tips on so you can easily end up with a ridiculous amount poured out if youre not careful.

      2. All the supermarkets on Avenue C and D sell a ton of hot sauces and they are not crazy marked up like at specialty stores and bodegas.