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Dec 19, 2011 07:19 AM

Looking for cooked turkey for Christmas

I am looking for a cooked turkey to pick up on Christmas Eve day. I don't want a full cooked meal, I always cook the meal myself - except for the turkey. Places that cook the turkey for Thanksgiving (Savenors, Pemberton) dont cook them for Chrsitmas. HELP!

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  1. Do you want traditional roasted turkey or would something different be OK, perhaps smoked? For smoked I would recommend ordering a hickory smoked turkey from Greenburg Smoked Turkey in Tyler, TX ( It is an outstanding product and quite reasonable. You can likely have it delivered late in the week as desired if you order soon.

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    1. re: Highland Park

      Thanks for the idea but to my family, a turkey is a roast turkey, not a smoked turkey.

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        Do you live near a Whole Foods? They may be able to work with you.

    2. Ktichen on Common in Belmont will do take out for Christmas Eve pick up. Try contacting them - I'm sure they would do a whole turkey for you.

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        Wilson Farm in Lexington is still advertising pre-cooked turkeys for Christmas. We had one for Thanksgiving, and it was excellent.

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          Wilson is a good suggestion. Also in Lexington, Neillio's Gourmet Farm Kitchen offers turkeys all year long. The warm, sliced-to-order turkey breast sandwiches are delicious, so I'm guessing the whole turkeys are, too. They do a lot of holiday orders, so I'm guessing they will be available on Christmas Eve.

      2. Not sure where you are from...but Raymond's Turkey Farm does fully cooked turkeys on Christmas Day.

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          On a similar theme, but different location south and west of Raymond's not too far from the Rte. 2 corridor, Bob's Turkey Farm in Lancaster, MA does traditional roasted as well. Price is $25 + cost of bird.

        2. Roche Brothers supermarket is offering roast whole turkeys. They do a very nice job of it.

          1. thanks to all for the suggestions - we did beef instead - but I probably will go back to turkey next year so these are valuable to me!