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Dec 19, 2011 05:49 AM

IKEA cabinets with 9.5 inch high base radiators problems

We have a galley kitchen with a base radiator on the outside wall (9.5 inch high X 2.25 inch depth caste iron base radiator). We thought he The leg design instead of toe kicks would allow the heat to radiate from under the cabinets, but the largest leg they sell is 8 inches. Does anyone have any experience over coming this obstacle?

I am wondering if I could notch out the 1.5 X 2.25 inches on the back bottom of the cabinets without compromising the integrity of the cabinet(s).

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  1. Use a different leg from another source or construct your own plinth to raise the cabinet up over the radiator.
    posting this question on might get you some more ideas. I would consider cutting the carcass back/bottoms an absolute last resort.

    1. If you've got a hot water system (not steam), call a plumber and have him remove the existing radiator. Have your cabinet installer fabricate a separate plinth so the plumber can install one of these:

      Cutting the rear deck and back out of the boxes to straddle a radiator is a pretty bad idea. If you're lifting 30.5" high base cabinets an extra 4-5" above where they'd normally be, it's going to make for a pretty awkward work surface height.

      1. 2nd Pedr0's suggestion. We had the same issue with a kitchen remodel 2 yrs ago and had a toe kick heater installed. Worked like a charm.