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Dec 18, 2011 09:20 PM

Vintage Roper Stove - to keep or sell?

Anyone have any info on vintage Roper stoves? I just bought a house with a mid-to-late 1940's Roper with the middle grill, oven and broiler. The some knobs are a little hard to turn and I can't tell if the oven is calibrated. Not sure if it's worth putting the money into this to keep, or if I should sell it. If anyone has any info on this stove or idea of how much it's worth (or if anyone is interested in it), your advice is much welcomed. Thanks!!

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  1. I don't know that specific stove but I have a vintage one a bit like that and I adore cooking in it. Took me some time to get adjusted to the oven (I bake a lot) but now I could never get back to a recent model. No idea how much yours costs, I believe there is a store somewhere on Western specialized in fixing up and selling old stoves like that. I know if it were me I'd keep it.

    1. I would keep it and have it restored....

      Love or hate Rachel Ray....many see her old stove on 30 Minute Meals and probably would like to have the same. Retro and Nostalgia is always cool for many. It brings back memories of their parents or grandparents and longing for more pleasant times.

      1. ...if the clock is working that will add a fair bit to the value.

        Replacement burner knobs that match the two on the far right are easy to get (if you want to "refresh" the knobs on the left side)

        1. swimmngsloth,

          I would keep the range. Here is a site that restores ranges, as well as sells them. You may have a diamond in the rough. As for Rachel Ray, her 'vintage refrigerator' is from a company called Big Chill. Enjoy.

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            Chambers and Merritt & O'keefe are where the big money is in the vintage stove restoration market. Nice working specimiens from the likes of Kenmore/Roper will generally sell for 100's (not thousands) in the CL marketplace (without an immaculate restoration).

            Rachel Ray uses a Chambers C-90 on her TV show...

            Here is a link to a list of vintage stove restorers/repair:


            and here is a link to a rather comprehensive (at the same blog) list of vintage stove restorers/sellers: