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Dec 18, 2011 09:08 PM

Best place for retail FRESH MOZZARELLA in LA?

Would love to source fresh, as well as smoked, mozzarella in LA - prefer Valley, Los Feliz, or Westside.

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  1. If you can get to El Monte on a weekday and pay cash, you can get the best and freshest at Gioia Cheese. They make Mozz and have a smoked version plus they have the best Burrata.

    Gioia Cheese Co
    1605 Potrero Ave, South El Monte, CA 91733

    1. I know Bay Cities has Gioia's burrata (I get mine there often). I'm pretty sure they carry their mozzarella.

      And Guidi Marcello probably has the same. (they import from Italy, but they have some local stuff too - great breads and I'm pretty sure I've Gioja products there.)

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        Guidi gets the fresh stuff from Gioia's

      2. Costco is a good source for cheese. I've had their fresh mozzarella and their buratta - both very fresh and good and fairly priced.

        1. La Brea Bakery usually has some fresh mozzarella or burrata from the same providers that supply Mozza.

          The good cheese shops also receive very regular shipments of mozzarella and burrata, so you may want to look at The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills and Wally's in Westwood. I love Wally's mozzarella sandwich. It's obvious that the cheese is very fresh.

          1. You can go directly to the factory of Angelo & Franco in Hawthorne and get their fresh cheese. In addition to Mozzarella they also make:
            Ciliegine with Cream
            Their cheese is also available at Beverly Hills Cheese Shop, Monsieur Marcel, The Curious Palate,
            Bay Cities Italian Import Store, Sorrento Italian Market, The Artisan Cheese Gallery and Costco

            Angelo and Franco
            3441 Jack Northrop Ave, Hawthorne, CA 90250