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800 Degrees Pizza Anticipation Thread.

It's coming! And it looks like it could be a contender!


Anyone know about this place?

Pizzas will cook in a minute :D

10889 Lindbrook Ave., Westwood.

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  1. Sounds like a Subway but with pizza.

    1. The pizza cooks in one minute??

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      1. re: granadafan

        Yes, with Neopolitan style pizza, because the crust is thin and traditionally you don't need to fully cook the cheese, just melt it, it's typically cooked at a high temperature and it cooks very quickly.

      2. I see it's fantastic and it cooks very fast. looks like a winner.

        1. Place link for 800 Degrees added to the CH database (including a working website but no menu content is up at this time).

          800 Degrees Pizza
          10889 Lindbrook Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90024

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          1. re: Servorg

            Menu content for 800 Degrees is now up on their website.

          2. Interesting that it comes from the Umami Group, who in their burger restaurants doesn't allow modifications (additions), but now seems to be touting "have it your way" pizza.


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            1. Just announced they opened a day early - a.k.a. open TODAY until 2am.

              1. tried it today.
                terrific price/quality/quantity ratios.

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                1. re: westsidegal

                  Good to hear from westsidegal on 800 degrees. Thanks for weighing in.

                2. Sorry. Maybe I'm an incurable foodie, but I don't agree. I went there today. The crust is too soft and not very good. They're not using a yeast starter that adds much flavor. You should want to eat the outside rim after eating the middle, but I left it over. The toppings were also undercooked in my opinion. This might be a good deal if you just get the basic $5 pizza, but IMHO it's not even close to competing with some of LA's top pies -- Mozza, Milo and Olive (Wilshire, just east of 26th), Il Fico (Robertson, just below 3rd), Sotto (Pico east of Century City) -- and I haven't even been to Casa Bianca (Eagle Rock) or Stella Rossa (Ocean Park) yet.

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                  1. re: europhile40

                    fwiw, i don't think it's fair to expect a $5 pie to "compete" with the likes of the top tier that serve pies at over 3 times the price.

                    1. re: westsidegal

                      You're not wrong, but I compared them for two reasons. First, I've seem some people on FB claim this is the best pizza in town. Second, if you haven't been there, you don't know that only the "basic" pies are $5 or $6. If you start adding ingredients, you're quickly at $9 or more (shrimp alone is a $3 add-on), admittedly still less than the mid-teen prices for the upscale pies. I guess it depends on your budget and sense of price-to-value ratio. For me, if I'm not going to really enjoy the pie (and at 800 degrees I didn't), it wouldn't matter if they charged only $3. It's like burgers. Some people are very happy at Apple Pan with their very good, $6 burger. Other people prefer to spring for a burger at more than twice that price at Nancy Silverton's new Short Order or at Father's Office.

                      1. re: europhile40

                        you are to 800 degrees the way i am with diddy reese.
                        i wouldn't eat their cookies again if they paid ME.

                        i don't have that kind of disdain, though for 800 degrees.
                        of course, if i had the choice of going to stella rosa, i'd opt for the latter;
                        but i find the 800 degree pizza to be way fine enough to choose it for lunch when i'm in westwood.

                        at that price, i'm shocked (in a good way) to see any kind of fresh cheese being used instead of the lowly commercial low-moisture rubbery substance that every other pie in that price bracket uses. to have edible anchovies available and kalamata olives available and arugula available, even with the very modest up-charge is unheard of at this price. (i confine most of my shrimp eating to MC, so it wouldn't even occur to me to order shrimp at any pizzaria)

                        also, to get a made-to-order pizza, with that quality and at that price, on the westside, is pretty unbelievable.

                        another good thing about the place, is that it is OPEN for lunch, UNLIKE stella rosa which is only open at the times when it can rely on selling booze to support the bottom line.

                        1. re: westsidegal

                          I don't disagree that 800 Degrees uses much higher quality ingredients than anyone else in their price range, but the crust is mediocre and they just don't cook it properly. Also, it's assembly line pizza. No character. No passion. Huge space with nothing interesting going on. Maybe a great UCLA hang, but not for the rest of us post-college folks. Their owner/creator has great credentials, and he may make a lot of money with this concept of fast food pizza with quality ingredients if they can cook it at the right temperature for the right amount of time (today they didn't), but I think he really should have just stayed with Umami Burger. It's a great concept and burger with which nobody can argue.

                          1. re: europhile40

                            for me, not every lunch can be a $25 affair.
                            there is no way anybody can offer food at that price level without having some sort of assembly line.

                            1. re: westsidegal

                              Agreed! That's why it's always a subjective determination based on what someone's priorities are and what they're looking for. If it's a quick, decent (but not great ) pizza, at a low price, where ambiance is totally unimportant, then 800 Degrees fills that bill very well. Hey, for my dim sum preferences, I absolutely could care less about ambience, so I usually end up at a big banquet room type of place with no character at all.