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Dec 18, 2011 07:45 PM

Where to buy sauerkraut juice in the bay area

Hi -- I am hoping to make a traditional slovak soup for Christmas Eve dinner, but need to find a place where I can buy sauerkraut juice... all leads welcome.

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  1. fresh sauerkraut juice from Farmhouse Culture - they are at many farmer's market throughout the week

    I sometimes take my fresh kraut and run it through the juicer - you could do the same - buy some of farmhouse culture sauerkraut - they are stocked in most Whole Foods Stores in the frigerated section...and than juice it your self...

    Their kraut juice is only available at the market - get there early - it sells out quickly!

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      I just bought some of the Farmhouse Culture sauerkraut last weekend at the Farmer's Market in Cabrillo (just outside of Santa Cruz) and it was great.

      But it's really so easy to make.

    2. How much do you need? I actually have tons of extra juice in my homemade kraut jars in the fridge but am unfortunately out of town and won't be back till after Christmas. But if you were willing to put up with a minor amount of inconvenience you could probably get a passable juice by then if you a) started making a batch of sauerkraut tomorrow and b) stored the jar somewhere warm to hasten fermentation. It's a lot easier than you think, requiring cabbage, salt, a jar, and preferably something to weight down the cabbage.

      If that's out of the question I'd try a German specialty store like Lehr's on Church in SF first, maybe a Russian deli next.

      1. Rainbow has natural bulk sauerkraut in big crocks, you could ladle out the juice.

        Rainbow Grocery
        1745 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA 94103

        1. Sorry I can't help out with a bay area source, but did just open a christmas care package from my parents in Cleveland which contained sauerkraut juice to make Slovak Sour Soup.

          We made poppyseed kolache earlier this week.

          Had to share that info with someone.