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Dec 18, 2011 07:35 PM

Can I make these cookies without a stand mixer?

I've found a recipe online that I'd like to make, but it assumes I have a stand mixer with a paddle attachment. My kitchen is equipped circa 1953 – blender, hand mixer, and that's it. No stand mixer, no food processor. How can I adapt the recipe, which describes the process by how long each step will take with a stand mixer? What tools can be used that I might have and how long should I mix to equal the recipe? Thanks!

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  1. Sorry, no crystal ball here. You need to provide the recipe and directions you are looking at.

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    1. re: greygarious

      OK. I think this recipe may get hooted off Chowhound, although it does come from Momofuku Milk Bar. Here's a link –

      In brief,
      1. You cream butter and sugar together on medium-high for 2-3 minutes.
      2. Add egg and vanilla and beat 7-8 minutes.
      3. Add flour and other dry ingredients and mix on low until they come together, 1 min., max.
      4. On low, incorporate cornflake crunch and chocolate chips just until incorporated, 35-40 sec., max. Then mini-marshmallows until just incorporated.

      That's it for the mixer/paddle. I guess the descriptions are enough to take a chance on steps 3 and 4. Any advice on steps 1 and 2? Thanks!

    2. When you use a stand mixer with a specific attachment at a specific speed, it's fairly simple to dictate the amount of mixing time that will be necessary for a given recipe. Hand mixing, however, has too many variables (most significantly the strength and stamina of the person mixing the ingredients) to say how long you'll need to mix your ingredients. You'll have to judge the mixing time by the condition of the mixture (smooth, no lumps; some small lumps "OK", etc.) and a well developed recipe will include that information.
      You can use a large and well made wooden spoon for most hand mixing tasks as long as you know what to look for in the results of your work.
      Don't fret. In 1953 we did most of our mixing by hand. Angel food cake was a nightmare.

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      1. re: todao

        Ditto this.

        Just about any cookie can be made by hand.

        Heck, I know for a fact that Wilma was baking all sorts of cookies for Fred. I seen it so many times on those Saturday morning cartoons.

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          The recipe doesn't describe how it should look for steps 1 and 2, so if anyone thinks they know, I'd appreciate a hint. Can I use the old portable hand mixer I do have, or won't it be powerful enough? I'm not strong, so I'd like to use it if I can.

          EDIT: I mean I have a portable ELECTRIC mixer, not a hand mixer!

        2. Someone from Momofuku Milk Bar (owner??) was on Martha Stewart a few weeks ago making cookies. You can probably find the segment on the MS website or on youtube. I don't know if they are the same cookies, but I believe the creaming method is similar. They did describe the stages of the batter and why the batter was beaten so long, plus you'll get a visual on what it should look like.

          1. Go for it! I pulled up a few photos, they look good. Can't wait to get her book.