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Dec 18, 2011 06:54 PM

looking for an early dinner near Lincoln center 12/26/11(monday)

Hello All! I'm looking for an early dinner suggestions ( around 4pm) close enough to Lincoln Center so we can get to the box office by 6pm( 7pm Show) . My son likes a good demi on his steak or a really good alfredo and I like anything interesting, but I just want to please him!( how many times can you get a 23 y/o to accompany you to the opera!) Interesting ambiance would be a plus.I greatlyappreciate your input, Thank-you!

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  1. Landmark cafe is always a good bet....low side.......shake shack

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      Dear ice203, Thank you for your reply- no one else did........I did want you to know that we wound up going to the Landmark cafe, and it was a good bet!