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Dec 18, 2011 05:00 PM

Solo Dining on NYE

This sounds beyond sad but I'm newly single with friends either out of town or out in the suburbs somewhere this year. I really just want a good dinner and a glass of wine out somewhere instead of huddling in my apartment like some sort of shut in. How impossible would it be for a woman to get dinner at the bar of a restaraunt in the AdMo/Columbia Heights area? I live here and have no problem with solo dining but I realize it being New Year's and all might make it a little difficult for this party of 1. Thoughts?

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    1. how about sitting at the bar at Firefly? Or Cashions? I would want to avoid Adams Morgan, personally, because of the excessive drinking and fraternity house like behavior, especially on NYE. There are also places like Busboys and Poets, and Tryst which might not be a bad spot to enjoy people watching and food. I don't think it will be impossible, but you have to be sure to expect some craziness (which maybe you like?)

      Or plan a Chowhound "single ladies" dinner! I'd come - my husband is deployed, and it might be a nice excuse to get out!

      1. I second both recommendations - go to Cashion's early. Then go home with a bottle of wine or a pint of ice cream (or both) and a few DVDs of old, non-romantic comedies.

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          If you are set on those 2 areas I would also go to Cashion's on the earlier end and eat at the bar.

          If you are willing to venture elsewhere (again...also on the earlier end), you might consider Central, PS7, Bibianna, Againn, Hank's Oyster Bar or Brasserie Beck. These are all places I have dined solo as a female in the past and have felt comfortable. You just might want to give them a call a few days in advance to make sure you can either a) make a reservation for 1 or b) just go to the bar as a walk in. They might have special menus etc.

          I haven't dined at Estadio solo but I think it would be a great place to eat an early NYE dinner solo, especially if you can get a seat at the open kitchen.

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            I go to bed early and wake up to get an early start AND watch the walk of shame...

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              ha! I suppose the Diner would be a good choice for NYD b'fast.

          2. Or you could go to the bar at City-Zen and make a night of it food-wise.