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Dec 18, 2011 04:56 PM

Immediate Help Needed! Metallic Taste from Canned Tomatoes

Help! I am making chili and I am using for the first time Bionaturae brand tomatoes. I usually use Muir Glen, but these were on sale. Now I know why! They have a really metallic, tinny taste. This is going to be a mild chili, so I can't just add more heat. Ideas about what I can do to counter the metallic-ness? Thanks so much.

And, also, I usually add the cumin, chili powder, etc. to the veg while sautéing (before the tomatoes). Can I just sprinkle in more spices without sautéing them first?

I don't know if this matters, but this is veg (black bean) chili.

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  1. Yes you can add spices without sauteing. As to the tinny taste, it might diminish with more cooking or you might want to pull a little out and try sugar or lemon peel.

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      should I add the lemon peel just before serving or now (it has about 1/2 hour to go). Thanks so much for the quick reply!

      I've added some sugar and it is helping a bit...

      1. re: escondido123

        actually, since I"m adding sweet potatoes, should I do some orange zest?

        1. re: jessinEC

          You might want to pull a little out, add a touch of orange peel and see how it tastes. Good luck--and don't mention the tinny taste to anyone they may not notice it!

      2. Are you using cast iron? sometimes when I use tomato products with my cast iron i get a metallic taste from it...

          1. re: escondido123

            Well, not great. I added some sugar and that helped a bit. But I got worried about the orange flavor being too powerful, so I skipped it. I really think it was the tomatoes that were off because my spice mixture had no affect. We are not a hot-spicy family, but I did want a chili flavor -- but the tinny taste was just overwhelming. Also, the tomatoes were labeled "crushed," which to my mind means softly chunky -- and these were just one or two pulses away from puree. So that screwed up the texture. Good thing the Michelin reviewer didn't stop by last night...

            1. re: jessinEC

              I do not use crushed or pureed tomatoes because I think it's where they get rid of the not so good ones. I prefer canned whole tomatoes that I can leave whole, crush, puree or mill for the dish I am making.

          2. I was taught that after you sweat the vegetables but before you add the liquids, you add the paste and pan-fry until, ironically, it turns a rusty colour, which gets rid of the metallic taste.

            Been using the technique for years and whether it's because of the method or otherwise, I can't remember ever thinking that my tomato-recipes ever had a metallic taste.