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Dec 18, 2011 04:32 PM

Need prinskorv for Christmas in Central CT

One of our Christmas guests usually brings Swedish prinskorv sausages, but couldn't find them this year. The only place I know of that used to carry them was a small shop in Norwalk. They were frozen, and while that in itself isn't a deal breaker, they just didn't taste all that great. Ikea in New Haven used to carry frozen prinskorv from a company in Pennsylvania, but they don't have it this year. Is there anywhere between Hartford and Springfield, MA where I might find them? I'm looking for the real deal, little sausages tied with strings, and not cocktail franks that try to pass for what they're not

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  1. We get regular Korv every year at Highland Park Market, not sure if they carry the prinskorv. Might be worth a phone call!

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      Thanks for the tip. I'm getting my Christmas standing rib roast from them. I'll give them a call.

    2. Probably further than you want to drive, but have you tried The Gift Chalet, in Auburn, MA? Despite the silly name, they specialize in everything Scandinavian, including lots and lots of meat products.

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        Thanks for the info. The Gift Chalet looks intriguing, but it is a bit of a drive right now. I'll keep it in mind for my next foodie road trip.


        in West Hartford, lots of Swedish items including korv. Check their weekly flyer.

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          Thanks for your response. I already checked with Hall's, and they only carry kukorv, which is a raw sausage. The ones I'm looking for are prinskorv, a small cooked sausages a little bigger than a cocktail frank.