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Dec 18, 2011 01:58 PM

Kaiserschmarrn @ Kipferl, Camden Passage/Islington, London

Kaiserschmarrn are pancakes coarsely shredded into awesome bite-size lumps, crispy on the outside, gorgeously soft (but not mushy) within. Well calibrated sweetness, judicious bits of raisins, soft ripely-flavoured morello cherries, a gentle waft of cinnamon. What the perfect gnocchi would be if it dreamt of being dessert.

The liver dumpling soup is comfort food - a clear broth with light, stocky flavour, and soft almost bready slices of the liver dumplings with just a bit of the metallic livery flavour.

Good coffee, a smooth, seamless blend of fruit and nut at first but also a sustained backbone of rich roasting. Not bad foam in the cream, but nothing as silky as the ones form the Hatch in Bermondsey.

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  1. great place - i realy missed them when they moved from charterhouse square to islington. i'm curious about their wines - did you try any?

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      Alas, didn't try the wines. Have a peek at their wine list online - love to hear what you and others think.

      The trockenbeerenauslese looked like it was worth trying.

      1. re: limster

        we'll have to go and check this out! the vintner is giving that trockenbeerenauslese away - i've only ever had that grade oh a handful of times.