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Dec 18, 2011 12:45 PM

Seattle Since 2006

HI everybody,

I lived in Seattle from 2001 to 2006, loving Salumi, Seven Stars Pepper, Malay Satay Hut, the Lighthouse, Dahlia Bakery, the Dish, Ray's, Cafe Besalu, and much, much more, but that should give you some sense of my (fairly run-of-the-mill) Chowhound tastes. Can you tell me what you think the best stuff to open since my time might be? I have happily been to Molly Moon's and Tilth, but not a whole lot more. Would like to not only haunt my past!

Thanks for any advice you can give,


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  1. Seven star has gone downhill. Instead, go to Bellevue for Chinese and eat at bamboo garden for Sichuan and facing east for Taiwanese. Spinasse is very good for italian. Poppy gets mixed reviews by some but I really like it. The chef is jerry traunfield of herb farm fame. I am really enjoying bar del corso on beacon hill for pizza and other small plates.

    1. Newcomer Full TIlt Ice cream (Rat City, Columbia City, Ballard, U district) is good.
      Was El Camion (at Home Depot, on aurora) here then? - get an assortment of gorditas.
      They say Bad Albert's Tap and Grill has reopened on Ballard avenue.
      Bon Ton Roule, on Leary, has good music and Creole/Cajun, though some have reported spotty service.
      The Leary Traveler, very near there, has good taps, though a very uneven kitchen.
      Dot's Delicatessen, of Fremont, has killer meats, sausages, and charcuterie, with a menu to eat there or take out. Have the Reuben (but watch out for big hunks of fat).
      Delancey, for pizza and ambiance.
      Matt, of Matt's in the Market, has opened Lecosho, a block or two South of the Market.
      Maritime Pacific has moved a few blocks, still with good taps, but the space is harsh.
      Golden Beetle, on Market - go for happy hour, order the whole menu, and be ready for ecstatic-hour.
      Cafe Mawadda, down on Rainier, for mid-east food, and tasty.
      Veraci pizza, on Market, has graduated from street fairs to a sot-down spot, and good.
      Elemental may have been around since then, but probably not END (Elemental Next Door), with its short rotating menu and local focus.
      Tutta Bella has got more chainified, but still has a couple dishes we enjoy. The pizza ensalata is a nifty summer lunch, but that may be all, depending.
      Rainin Ribs, above 145th, on Lake city/bothell way, has lifted the bar for Seattle BBQ.
      Paseo is at Shilshole lately, and Red Mill is at the old Totem House, at the Chittenden Locks.
      Revel, sister to Joule, is in Fremont, with another good HH menu.
      Google the Tom Douglas empire for recent entries,
      Skillet is new and favored, though we've not been.
      Staple and Fancy is good.
      Bastille and Walrus & Carpenter are new on Ballard Avenue.

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        Just went to Full Tilt (Columbia City) this weekend. It was very good! I had the salted caramel, which I much preferred to Molly Moon's version (MM's is good for a spoonful or two but too salty for a full scoop, if you ask me). Very creamy & smooth. I look forward to trying more flavors from them.

        Walrus & Carpenter, if you have a little $ to spend (or aren't planning on eating much).

        Yea on Skillet from me.

        I once would've wholeheartedly said Local 360, but burgers were overcooked last time we went and the service has been pretty horrible the last several times, so I'm a little leery. Still, when they're on, they're ON.