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Dec 18, 2011 12:42 PM

Norfolk VA Attucks theatre neighborhood.

Heading down for a benefit show in January. Looking for a recommendation for a restaurant walking distance to Attucks Theatre.

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  1. I don't think there is anything that meets your request, and if there was, thats not a part of town you want to walk around anyway.

    1. Nice theatre that has been refurbished, but not a great part of Norfolk to be hanging out. There are good choices nearby in the downtown area near McArthur Mall and along Granby street. That's kind of the restaurant district in downtown Norfolk.

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        Thank you for the responses. I suppose I was hoping it was more like some of the Harlem neighborhoods that are more welcoming. So, in Granby or Norfolk, what are our best bets? And how easy is it to get a cab in Norfolk?

        1. re: NYCw67th

          Are you staying in a hotel in downtown Norfolk? A cab should be easy to get; you may want to get the phone numbers of a few cab companies from the internet in case you have to call for a cab. The theatre is near downtown, and Granby Street is the main road downtown.

          At McArthur Mall, there is Kincaid's Chop House. They are very good, and have a huge menu which will accomodate many different tastes. If you're into Greek food, the Orapax Inn isn't too far out of downtown. Granby Street is one block over from McArthur Mall, and is pretty much the restaurant district. I'd suggest walking along there for a few blocks, and see what is interesting to you. They are all fairly close together.

      2. What kind of food/price point are you looking for?For upscale I'd recommend Todd Jurich's Bistro or Byrd and Baldwyn Steak. For midrange I like Bodega for Spanish/Mediterranean tapas; The Big Easy for New Orleans style food; and Snapper's for good seafood/drinks. I'd also recommend Bardo's for asian inspired tapas and drinks and Luna Maya for creative latin american food, both of the latter 2 are in the historic Ghent area which is a 5 minute drive from downtown.

        1. My family has always enjoyed Freemason Abbey on Granby St. as well --