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Dec 18, 2011 12:31 PM

One Meal in Teaneck?

Looking for advice for one mid-week dinner in Teaneck.

We prefer fleishig as my wife in particular is a devoted carnivore and we at any rate eat fish/dairy out. Etc. Steakhouse looks interesting but the prices seem to mark it off as a special-occasion place and we don't want to spend that much money as we just are passing through the area, it is not an "occasion." We've been to Smokey Joe's a number of times and like it but are thinking of trying something else. My wife is not an adventurous eater so an emphasis on non-exotic, reasonably priced, meat options is preferred.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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  1. Dougies or Persian Grill

    1. Dougie's was really disappointing and so are all the others. I haven't tried Persian Grill, but if I were you, I'd make it an occasion and go to Etc. It's worth the money.

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      1. re: cappucino

        You can also try Mabat.... so yes, ETC's prices are higher, I would suggest limiting your bill by just ordering the entrees.

        1. re: vallevin

          Persian grill has good food even you want Israeli type food and the owner there is very friendly. Pricewise it should be what you are looking for, unless you want to make it an occasion, in which case ETC would be your best bet.

          1. re: njkosher

            If you are talking about Israeli food, Persian Grill may be cheaper, but Sababa is far superior in terms of taste ,authenticity and value. They put quite a bit more meat into their lafa than Persian Grill. Persian Grill 's food tastes fine,but Sababa's is better.

      2. Cant beat the Pastrami at Noah's Ark on Cedar Lane.

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            We've decided on Noah's Ark for its broad menu. I think if it were my call alone we might have tried Sababa or Persian Grill but my wife, though she likes shawarma, gets nostalgic for the food of her Kentucky youth this time of year and Noah's Ark has both country-fried steak and fried chicken.