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May 27, 2006 02:19 PM

Hamburger Relish --The Red Kind, Who has it?

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Back Yard Bar-B-Q time is here. I recall grilled Hot Dogs and Burgers with tosted buns and a table full of chips and condiments. At the store I can find most of the same stuff including the yellow Hot Dog Relish. What I am unable to find is that Red Hamburger Relish. Can anyone help? My Thanks.

Uncle Bob at the grill would ask, "Anyone want their buns toasted?" Linda was always first, "I do." Uncle Bob would hold up his glass and propose a toast to...

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  1. I'm pretty sure it's been discontinued. Which is a shame, because I really do miss it...


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    1. re: Joe B.

      For some reason, I thought you specifically asked for Heinz -- at least, that's what popped into my head when I saw "red hamburger relish"!

      If you find another brand for sale in the LA area, do let us know...

      1. re: Joe B.

        Nice pic. I was not sure of the brand but your pic made it clear -- Heinz. Just like the Hot Dog Relish I bought last week. Since I made the OP I recalled that last Summer I found some good red relish sold by the jar at Red Robin (Yep, a chain). At Mr. Bartley's in Boston they have some good burger relish also and I have seen burger relish in stores in Boston. Why not L.A.?

        Maybe post your pic on the General Topics board and ask if it is still sold anyplace.

        1. re: Like-Go-Eat?

          Or post on Home Cooking and see if anyone has a recipe. There are some great cooks over there, so someone should be able to figure it out.

          1. re: Debbie W.

            Is it like Sabrett onion relish? I have the recipe for that.

        2. re: Joe B.

          I have never had the Heinz relish, but I wonder if you would like the relish we have always used.
          It is a sweet chili relish and is made in California, we have eaten it on hamburgers as long as I can remember. Most large grocers carry it.
          In the link below, which also has some is the round jar in the front of the photo


          1. re: Joe B.

            another fan of RED hamburger relish here!

            Yes, its' hard to find. I stopped looking and thankfully my brother, with a prolific garden, has gifted me with enough homemade jars to make it up to now.

            Now I'm in the same boat as you, so am anxious to see where I can get some. Out here we also have Del Monte brand. Or used to have!

            I believe it is predominately red bell peppers, onions, mustard seed, vingar, salt, and sugar. I could get his recipe if you like. I may have to end up making it myself this year!

            I did google red hamburger relish and come up with this:


          2. Like you, I love the stuff and I've looked all over LA for red hamburger relish, including specialty stores like Gelsons and Bristol Farms,and haven't been able to find any place that carries it. Surfas is next on my list -- I'll keep my fingers crossed.

            If Surfas doesn't pan out, and nobody on the board has a local source, then there is always the internet. I've found at least one web source for it, but haven't tried it yet. Your post may prompt me to finally order a couple of jars.


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            1. re: BHAppeal

              Just like you, I've looked around quite a bit -- and no, Surfas does not carry it. I've also hit other restaurant supply stores (S&F, Cash & Carry, etc.), and they don't carry it either.

              I've tried the B&G brand red relish when I lived in NYC, and it doesn't compare to Heinz. As a matter of fact, on my visits back home to L.A., I used to pick up a few bottles of the Heinz to take back with me to New York...

              1. re: BHAppeal

                Bob's Boy Boy in Burbank still jars and sells their version. My mother loves the stuff and asked for the recepie once, she was told that it was just ketchup added to hamburber relish.....

                1. re: darren

                  Exactly, I too love this stuff and bought it pre made when it was available but, it's just ketchup and pickle relish as darren states.

                  1. re: darren

                    Went to the Burbank/Toluca Lake Bob's Big Boy today to get their red hamburger relish and was told that they don't sell it any more. (plenty of seasoning salt on sale though.)

                2. Here's a toast to Uncle Bob...and his buns!

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                  1. re: Elaine

                    You got the picture. Now, "Who wants Relish on their buns?"

                  2. I posted this earlier further down but no one has seen it so.... Bob's Big Boy in Burbank sells their red hamburger relish in small jars.

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                    1. re: darren

                      I responded below, so I'll repeat it here -- I went today (Memorial Day) and the folks at Bob's Big Boy in Burbank/Toluca Lake told me that they don't sell it any more.

                      1. re: BHAppeal

                        The location on Wilshire says they will still sell it in a to-go cup, the bottles are no longer available...

                        5050 Wilshire Blvd
                        Los Angeles , California 90036
                        Phone No:(323)939-3317

                        1. re: darren

                          I'll give it a try.


                    2. Pacific Dining Car carries their own brand of what they call "Steak Relish". It is red and spicy/sweet as I believe you are looking for. I checked their Website, but they do not mention it. I do know for a fact, however, that they sell it in small glass jars at both locations. Although I have just had it with steak at the restaurant, I have thought many times that I would like to pick up a jar or two sometime to bring home and try it on some 'dogs.

                      Pacific Dining Car
                      1310 West 6th Street
                      Los Angeles, CA 90017
                      (213) 483-6000
                      2700 Wilshire Boulevard
                      Santa Monica, CA 90403
                      (310) 453-4000