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Dec 18, 2011 11:53 AM

restaurant recs for fairfax

I will be meeting a friend and his parents for dinner this week before his movie premiere for an indie movie he starred in. My friend has very simple tastes, a real meat and potatoes man. I was leaning towards cheecake factory but does antone have recs for an alternative that isn't a chain?

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  1. If you want red meat and potatoes, Arties is the best bet for quality food in Fairfax City.

    1. Make sure to call ahead to put your name on the list if you need to get out by a certain time though. They don't take reservations, but do let you call ahead for the waiting list. Any of the Great American Restaurants would probably suit him well. The drunken ribeye is a meat man's dream.

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        Are any of the Great American Restaurants noticeably better or worse that the others? Or are they all pretty much the same? The menus look very similar across the board.

        1. re: gregb

          I think they all are pretty similar... although certain ones have certain items people like. And I haven't been to the Italian one so can't comment on it.

          1. re: gregb

            Artie's is best because it has more selection. Coastal Flats is excellent value when it's not too salty. The others are a bit limited.

            The steak salad at Artie's is excellent.

            1. re: gregb

              They each have their specialities--Coastal Flats is more seafood oriented, Ozzie's is Italian American, Arties is more club like and quiet (I don't know why but I think of it as more meat oriented), Sweetwater is loud so I don't go there.

              1. re: gregb

                Coastal Flats is also pretty loud. But it has the benefit of being in Fairfax Corner where you can do a little shopping before eating, after eating, or while you are waiting.