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Dec 18, 2011 09:35 AM

The January 2012 Cookbook of the Month will be Essential Pepin

The winner of the January 2012 Cookbook of the Month vote is ESSENTIAL PEPIN by Jacques Pepin. If you’ve been lurking, please join us, we’re a welcoming bunch. If you're new to Cookbook of the Month, the COTM archive thread explains how it all works:

Please use this thread to discuss techniques, ingredients, meal planning, along with interesting tidbits about these books and recipes.

If you discover any online sources for recipes from these books, please feel free to post them.

On January 1 I will post the official threads for reporting.

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    1. re: pikawicca

      Thanks, LulusMom, for all your efforts! I can't wait to cook from the Essential Monsieur Pepin. There's nothing like a COTM connection to open up the possibilities and encourage one to explore a book.

      1. re: Goblin

        I know just what you mean. I can have a book sitting on my shelf for ages and somehow not pick it up unless it becomes COTM. Then suddenly it is the only book I want to cook from for a month.

    2. Though I abstained from the process this month since my participation has been limited, I'm delighted with this outcome. I just purchased this book at Costco a couple of weeks ago . . . my first Pepin cookbook (how has that happened?!!). I sincerely hope I have some time to cook along in January, it looks like we're in for a good one!! Thanks LM!

      1. Thanks LulusMom for all your work! I've only cooked a few dishes from this month's book (not for lack of interest, just lack of time), I love Pepin and I'm hoping for more time and more involvement in January!

        1. Thanks so much for being the queen of the COTM, Lulusmom! Your reign has been glorious!

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          1. re: roxlet

            I would like to add my thanks for all your superb COTM efforts, LulusMom. And I'm also looking forward to delving into the Pepin book.

          2. Wow, I am feeling the love and it is wonderful! I haven't had the best day, and to come down to my computer and find such happy thoughts is really brightening me up. You're the best. I hope it is a great month of cooking.