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Dec 18, 2011 09:09 AM

Surprise weekend trip to New Orleans - where to eat?

Greetings New Orleans 'hounds from chilly Brooklyn. I am planning to surprise my husband with a birthday trip to New Orleans. It will be for a weekend in January.

I'd love recommendations for a great, great dinner. He loves steak - which I don't think is a big specialty in NOLA - but keep that in mind. Stellar service and special surroundings will help make this a perfect meal.

Would also love breakfast suggestions - not an over the top brunch but still something nice and fun. We'll likely stay in/near the French Quarter area and with our limited time, I'd prefer to not venture too far.

Price is no object.

Thank you!

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  1. My husband had a good steak at Mr. B's, far far better than the steak I had at August last year. But there's really only one fabulous dish at Mr. B's and that's the bbq shrimp. Galatoire's is another suggestion for a great meal but I have no idea about their steaks.

    We don't eat much red meat when in NO but Port of Call has a wonderful hamburger that is a meat-lovers dream.

    1. I think you would enjoy Emeril's Delmonico. Their steaks are outstanding. And Bob plays the piano on the weekends. The atmosphere is really nice. I would go to Stanley's for breakfast. Old Coffee Pot is nice too. Have lunch at Galatoire's. You will never forget it. Enjoy your visit.

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        What is the difference between Emeril's Delmonico and Emeril's New Orleans? I checked out the Delmonico site and it seems there are different dining rooms - is one considered the most festive of "special"?
        We had lunch many years ago at the Old Coffee Pot; our first trip to NOLA. Still have fond memories and it might be fun to go back. Thanks for all the information!

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          Del's is an "upscale" Emeril's with a little more fuss in the food, a little more quiet, and more than a little more expensive.

          It's probably as close as you can get here to an Emeril's steak house. There are several local steak houses that are good. La Boca gets good reviews but I haven'y been there as the menu is almost all beef and I haven't been with a group that didn't want the wider N.O. choices.

      2. Try La Boca for steak. Although many of our best restaurants are not in the quarter, cabbing it to the garden district or uptown is only about a 10minute ride. The cbd and warehouse district are closer.

        1. Mr. John's is a fine NOLA steakhouse on St. Charles. Enjoy your visit.

          1. For me "great, great dinner" equals Brigtsen's. Not a steak place, but far and away my favorite place in New Orleans, and would make for a most memorable meal in all aspects: food, setting and service.

            Frank Brigtsen was with Paul Prudhomme before setting off on his own. The student has far surpassed the master IMNSHO.

            A steak lover would be more than pleased with whatever beef tournedo prep is available.