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Udipi Cafe lunch buffet

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I had searched the board looking for reviews of Udipi Cafe in Tampa on N Dale Mabry just south of Bearss, but founds no posts... so just wanted to let everyone know that I went there yesterday for the weekend buffet....

The buffet was 9.99 and the buffet selection was fantastic... be aware that this Indian restaurant is all vegetarian so there are no meat dishes or meat to be found anywhere in this restaurant.

It could have been a little warmer, but I think they keep it not too hot, so that the dishes don't get overheated/chafed (you know how the Indian dishes get at some restaurants when they are on the hot plates for hours... they start to taste NOT good and not fresh at all) and to keep the food tasting better and fresher... anyway wow were all the dishes great... standouts were the mixed veg curry and the a pigeon peas dish... Very different than your normal indian food.. It's hard to describe but all the dishes while you were eating them held such a fantastic clean flavorful aftertaste; just so good. The flavors were wonderful and refined... could have been a little spicier for me though.. they had 3 soups and they were all excellent. The apps were pretty good but a little cold and hard - definitely not the highlight (not too fresh seeming though)... They served some sort of fresh, hot, potato-stuffed rolled up pancake-type bread which was simply delicious. I don't eat dessert so could not comment on that, but they had a few custardy looking things... I like that they give you the stainless-steel Indian traditional circular plates to eat from. The only thing that I could really complain about was they do need to keep the food hotter.

The restaurant was bright (I don't care for the dark/bleak Indian restaurants) with a great family-type atmosphere, the waitstaff was very friendly (although could have been a tad more attentive), and the place was full and people kept streaming in for the buffet the whole time we were there. I've never seen an Indian restaurant so busy.

All in all this was the most enjoyable Indian buffet I've ever had in the Tampa Bay area (and for sure Pinellas County where there is really not much good to say about any of the Indian restaurants there)... first time that I've ever felt completely satisfied and that the $28 with tip spent (for 2) was well worth it... Will definitely be returning here...

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  1. Cool! Thanks for the review! :)

    1. That "potato-stuffed rolled up pancake-type bread" is often what causes me to turn the steering wheel into their parking lot every few months... It's an 'Aloo Masala Dosa'... Isn't that great?

      Good to know about their weekend thing, I'll have to try it... I usually go for the weekday lunch buffet... I enjoy the lunch, but I guess I never get excited enough by the total vegetarianism...
      It reminds me of a Thanksgiving when the host cooked the turkey at 250 instead of 350...
      We had a table full of side dishes...

      But I can do it every so often, and I might this week now that you mention it...