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Dec 18, 2011 08:54 AM

How do I store pecan pie and how long will it keep?

Hello. You all have saved me many a time and I thank you CHs! I need advice.
I have 12 people coming on Christmas Day, 7 days from now. I would love to do some of the dishes ahead of time. I was wondering how long I could keep the pecan pie and how would I store it?

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  1. does your recipe containe eggs? if so, you must refrig it. it will keep forEVER because there is so much sugar in it. you could safely have it out of the frig the day before until you serve it.

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    1. re: opinionatedchef

      Thank you. If I make it today and keep it in the fridge, will the crust get soggy? I make a very flaky crust but will it stay (not perfect but ok)? What do you think. I would love to make it right now!

    2. Just my 2 cents, but:
      .01c - I'd only make them a day before.
      .01c - How in the WORLD would a pecan pie last more than a day in your household unless it's under lock and key?????

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      1. re: gordeaux

        Agreed. Sugar is hygroscopic and will work very hard to balance its water content with the surrounding ingredients. Soggy crust, regardless of storage, is almost a certainty if it's held for more than a day. gordeaux's .01c deserves comment - agreed. Pecan pie never gets a chance to cool before it disappears in this house.

      2. You CAN keep the pie in the coldest part of your fridge wrapped tightly OR I like to freeze it & thaw the day before or day of...if you notice, in the supermarket, they have boxed pies that sit out at room temp until bought but then, they usually contain preservatives....

        1. Can you make and freeze the crust in the pan and mix the ingredients, minus the pecans, in a zip lock bag or tupperware and just bake the day before? It would be a shame to lose the flakiness of the crust.

          1. Already lots of good advice re: refrigeration, etc.

            But it will keep outside for at least 3 days, covered.