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Dec 18, 2011 08:51 AM

Favourite gifts to receive (food related)

What are your favourite gifts to receive (or give) around the holidays? Some of mine are cookbooks and homemade truffles.

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  1. My husband likes a particular Jack Daniel's that is very expensive so I usually pick that up for him this time of year. I like to receive wine or champagne but I really like cookbooks also.

    1. My husband complains that I am impossible to buy for even though I have told him for years that if he gets me nothing else but cookbooks for gifts - and I'd be happy with even bad cookbooks - I'd be thrilled.
      Other than cookbooks, I love to receive (and giving) ingredients that I wouldn't necessarily buy for myself - like a $40 bottle of olive oil or Luxardo cherries that run about $20 per jar. I also love receiving unusual or high-end liquors that I maybe haven't discovered or area little pricey.

      1. I really like the little novelty items that Jacques Torres sells. They have chocolate covered cheerios, cornflakes, graham crackers, marshmallows, espresso beans, Macadamia nuts, you name it, they dip it... I also love their brittles and bark.

        1. People could do all their gift shopping for me at grocery stores, and I would be thrilled. Some of the nicest gifts I've ever received are fine salamis, exotic jerky, and other cured meats (my favorites!), fancy cheeses I could never justify buying for myself, mix-and-match 6-packs of microbrewed beers (back when I could drink) and boutique sodas, and regional barbecue sauces, salsas, and jars of pickled veggies that people have brought back for me from trips that I would never find locally.

          1. Speaking as someone in a 10-person office which received about 50 lb of candy and Harry and David's baskets from vendors, I wish more companies would send savory things such as salted mixed nuts.

            Personally, Champagne does the trick. I buy too many cookbooks as it is.

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              Oh yeah, and See's nuts and chews, please.