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Dec 18, 2011 08:43 AM

Pre-theatre dinner and other great London restaurants

We are traveling to London next week with our kids and already have a few restaurants booked but I would love suggestions for the following:

1. We have tickets to see Billy Elliot on Thursday 12/29 at the Victoria St theatre and we're looking for a great place to have pre-theatre dinner. We have a 14 and 12 year old but they will eat pretty much anything and we're looking for something that's upscale, trendy and fun.

2. We have a tour planned outside of London and we're looking for a great pub for dinner on the way back from Oxford. Will have a private car and can stop anywhere along the way or as we get back into town.

3. We want a memorable dinner for our last night - staying right near Gloucester Road tube stop but can take the tube anywhere that's not a major trek.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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  1. Two things come to my mind about your trip back from Oxford. First off, there's a nice gastropub right in Oxford - the Magdalen Arms. If that doesn't fit your plans, you could get off the road and eat at Heston Blumenthal's pub in Bray. It's right off the road (I think the M4) near Windsor and the food is very good, but I'd book ahead.

    If you're staying near my old haunt, Gloucester Rd., you can easily walk to Launceston Place for a memorable meal before leaving London. It's only about 10 minutes at most from the Tube.

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      Thanks for the great pub suggestions. I tried Launceston Place but couldn't get in. Friday 12/30 seems to be a tough booking.

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        I'm sorry that Launceston didn't work out. It's popular, and things in London seem to book so far in advance - more than in the States. Hopefully, some others will come along with good suggestions. I guess you'd have the same problem at most of the high-end restaurants like the Ledbury or The Square etc. There's always Chinatown... Haozhan is very good or Ishbilia for Lebanese if you like that. Take a look at or for some other ideas if all fails.

    2. One thing worth considering - a lot of decent restaurants shut down between Xmas and New Year. and it looks as though that's the case for Launceston Place. Good bets are always those restaurants tied to hotels, so Dinner by Heston would be a good last night bet. As for Victoria - there's not much around there to be honest. Try the Thomas Cubitt on Elizabeth St which is a decent gastropub.

      1. The Grand Imperial is only 5 mins from the theatre.
        Not sure if dim sum would suit?
        Haven't been but I recall a thread on it quite recently.