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decent bagels in lower hudson valley?

Anyone know where to get GOOD bagels in the lower Hudson valley, east of the Hudson? Like, northern Westchester, Putnam, southern Dutchess (up to Poughkeepsie)? Properly prepared bagels, not the kind that taste like a roll with a hole in the middle. I can't always get to Kossar's on the Lower East Side, Ess-a-Bagel in Manhattan or Terrace Bagels in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn, the three places I have come to hold up as a standard by which all bagels are measured. I like Bagel Power in Scarsdale too but I was hoping to find something further north. Thanks!

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  1. Bagels on Hudson in Croton-on-Hudson. In the Croton Commons shopping center just off the Rte. 129 exit off Rte. 9.

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      these could be great bagels as they've solved the hardest problems of crust and consistency. Unfortunately, imo, they use far too much sugar making them almost inedible. A shame as the only place that comes close is a good 20 minute drive.

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        I don't think I've ever noticed sugar in these bagels. All types, or just some?

        I do know they make them on premises the old fashioned way. As a kid, I made bagels at home because we lived in a rural area and rarely were anywhere we could buy them. I like being able to peer into the back and see the big boiling vats.

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          I've only tried poppy and sesame, not sure if extends to everything but I'd guess so as I can taste it in the dough. I dunno, my wife doesn't taste the sugar but then she doesn't understand why I like ess-a-bagel so much more than say stew leonards bagels.

          I do agree that their process is great and it results in just the right crust and texture. Over the years I've thought about bringing in a city bagel to see if they can make some like that. But I don't want to insult them...

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          I absolutely agree with you about them being much too sweet. My theory was that they use part whole wheat (seems that way anyway) and use the sugar to try to "help" the flavor. I just don't like them.

      2. probably not too convenient but the bagel shop in the golden horseshoe in north end of new rochelle is very good, otherwise rely on the ones from fairway

        1. This is distant to you but after eating my way through most bagelries in Manhattan, Queens and Westchester I am quite partial to the little chaotic bagel shop at the Quaker Ridge shopping center in north New Rochelle. Just the right amount of crispness and resistance to the skin, not overly sweet and puffy in the middle like H & H, nor too dense. Fairway is fine too, but just slightly less character.

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            Have to agree with you, addictedtolunch!

          2. We are former city dwellers and are very big fans of Park Place Bagels In Bronxville. Until we found them, we were so unhappy with what we could find locally. They also run the bagel place in Chester Heights.

            1. Until recently I was buying my bagels in NYC and freezing them. But I found HIghlands II on upper Central Avenue in Hartsdale/White Plains. It's in the same shopping center as TJ Maxx just above Christmas Tree Shops. Very good bialys and the bagels are nice and firm on the outside and not puffy or huge. Very tasty and a good alternative.

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                Have you tried their smoked salmon or salads?

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                  No. I live near the Mt. Kisco smokehouse and their smoked fishes are amazing. I don't even look for better!

              2. BTW, Kossar's on the LES is famous for BIALYS, not bagels. Totally different animal.

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                  Well, it is true that bialys are what Kossar's is most widely known for, and their bialys are delightful, but have you tried their bagels? Still better than most.

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                    Kossar's buys their bagels from an outside supplier-- but of course, they make their BIALYS.

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                      What supplier do they buy them from?

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                          Well, whoever does make their bagels makes them well. Makes sense that they're tight-lipped about it, since then one could conceivably find the same bagels elsewhere.

                2. After posting the original post a week ago, I tried Beacon Bagel in Beacon, and am happy to report it is good! Nice thick, resistant crust and chewy, dense consistency. So far, they're the best bagels I've found in my local area.

                  1. If you are ever in rockland county/Suffern, try Bagel Boys across from the airmont diner. They are a bit overpriced, but I've never tasted a bagel quite like theirs. There's a readon they are packed and moved to a larger location a few months ago.

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                      I like these too! Also, there's a david's bagels fairly close to suffern. If, like me, to get to nj you take the bear mnt bridge to the pallisades, david's is right off the suffern exit of the pallisades.

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                        I'll check them out. I grew up in suffern and work in suffern although I live in Eastchedter now.

                    2. Being a Bronx boy growing up quite a few decades ago a few blocks away from the bagel bakery in a downstairs shop on Jerome Avenue, I am used to bagels being only plain or salted. Not rolls. Not large. Not soft. Not green. They were smaller, crusty with a delicious chewy center. We have tried bagels everywhere in Rockland, and so far the best have been at Bagels D'LOx on Route 59 in Monsey. They are kosher so they are closed Friday afternoon and Saturday. Worth the trip.

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                        That place on Jerome, and the smell, lives in my memory. Can't imagine they are better now (deadly amount of salt though).

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                          Ahhhhhhhhh. I love that place in the Bronx. Those were bagels. You're right - no gimmicks, just great bagels. Nothing in Westchester comes close.

                        2. If I can't get bagels from Murray's in NYC, the next best place for me is Nyack Hot Bagels on Route 59 in The Hub (I think?) shopping center.

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                            +1. Been living in Westchester 5+ years, and still an't find a place as good as Nyack Bagels.

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                              There's a new place that opened in Tuckahoe called the Bagel Loft. They are pretty good.

                          2. JV Hot Bagels in yorktown heights is my go to bagel place

                            1. Suzy's Bagels in Fishkill- 30 minutes south of Poughkeepsie

                              1. Mt Kisco Bagels on main street near the hospital. Always warm, inside light and fluffy outside nice shell. Many different spreads. They dont have smoked salmon but as anothe person mentioned you can go to Mt Kisco smokehouse and get all the smoked fish tomatoes, onions , capers and a nice selection of cheeses for a great breakfast.

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                                  Bagels are NOT supposed to be light and fluffy on the inside. Light and fluffy is white bread. Bagels are supposed to be dense and chewy on the inside.

                                2. Hand Rolled Bagels in Rye is by far the best bagel outside of Manhattan and I would pit them against 99% of Manhattan stores too

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                                    I'd say that about Park Place Bagels in Bronxville, and we used to live down the street from Tal. Only thing they don't do well that Tal did was bialys.

                                  2. In Ardsley, there are 2 bagel places adjacent to each other (across a small street). One is very good (Stars) and the other is AWFUL (Sunshine, I think?) Interesting that they both stay around.

                                    Stars has very good bagels, nice and crisp, not "fluffy" (a bagel is not supposed to have this characteristic). They have a nice deli area with good sandwiches as well.

                                    Sunshine bagels taste like Lender's/