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The New Bad Albert's

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I'm not sure how long this Ballard institution as been re-opened (under new ownership), but stopped by tonight for a beer and a look-see.

Very impressive. The new owners have worked a substantial improvement on the space, yet kept much of what wasn't broken, e.g., the menu. BA now has a "clubbier" feel, due in large part to the changes in seating, lighting, paint, and back bar. The genius stroke was building in high, *comfortable* bench seating against the *far* wall, but the liberal use of tube neon strangely works, too. The bar mirror doubles as a fountain, something I've never seen before.

While I was told the cooks/food managers are the same as under Steve (the great prior owner), the smells emanating from the open kitchen are far more penetrating and seductive than anything in BA's previous incarnation. I had possibly the best Buffalo wings (all drummettes, actually) I've ever had anywhere, and all passing plates had me wanting them badly. The new owners have also (finally!) tumbled to the fact that Maritime has superlative beers and so has 3 taps dedicated to their best (no, not including Bosun's Black porter).

The place is also continuing Steve's active support of local Blues talent, and the place was in head-shaking, ear-ringing bliss tonight. Music so good and loud, you couldn't help but be caught up in it.

There ^are* about a dozen bigscreen TVs now, but they have the class to turn them all off when the Blues are blowing.

WELCOME BACK BAD ALBERT'S. Long may you run, and please bring back the Biscuits & Crab Gravy breakfast!


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  1. Well, I hope that can manage another re-opening, since it appears they are once again closed. I had only been back once since re-opening, and that was just for a beer.


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      Oh, well. Hope they work it out. Thrills and spills in the resto biz...