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Dec 17, 2011 08:33 PM

How long can I keep a cryovacked Beef Tenderloin in the fridge?

I bought it Thursday the 15th for Xmas dinner on the 25th. It's cryovacked and in my fridge. Do I need to butcher and freeze it or will I be okay leaving it in the packaging until the 22/23rd when I was planning to prep it for dinner.

Thoughts? I don't want to lose an expensive piece of meat because I didn't do the right thing.

Mark Santora

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  1. Should be fine.

    I've had cryovaced fish in the fridge for 2 weeks with no ill effects.

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      Was it store bought? I'm not sure how long they'd been sitting on it at the store (I don't expect too long).

    2. aging in cryo s called wet aging. 10 days is nothing. In that short period of time you are fine. As long as there is no air in the packaging.

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      1. re: scubadoo97

        That's great. I was worried that even in the cryo for 10 days, the meat wouldn't survive without it having to be frozen.

      2. For what it's worth, in his "Tender is the Loin" series, Alton Brown mentions that he's held a cryo-vac tenderloin for 18 weeks... that's a very long time. So I think your 10 day adventure is Ok.

        1. If it was cryovaced at the packing plant, there should be a "use or freeze by" date stamped on the package. Look for it to put your mind at ease. In any case, the comments above are correct. You should have nothing to worry about.

          1. I appreciate all the comments on this guys. Looks like I"m all good for Xmas dinner. Now I just have to finish the dining room re-model in 4 days!