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leonard's vs champion vs other MALASADAs

i love leonard's malasadas, the original sugar ones. the cinnamon ones are ok, and i dislike the puffs with various custards inside.

so far i have not tried champions. are they still on beretania? what are they like?

also any others. i've gotten some at carnivals and they are ok, not as good as leonard's.

i believe leonard's has trucks at waimalu shopping center and waikele. are they anywhere else?

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  1. Is the Leonard's Jr truck connected to Leonard's?

    1. The Leonards Jr. Truck is the same company as Leonards, and I believe the Leonards in Waimalu shopping plaza is also a Leonards Jr. (the difference being that they pretty much just sell malasadas.)

      Champion are good, perhaps a bit lighter, and some people claim less oily. They also have some good mini-chiffon cakes - giant cupcake size.

      I agree with the original poster about the sugar original being the best, the cinnamon a nice alternative now and then, but the custard filled one not so much. It beomes something different, not malasada, but a different dessert entirely.

      1. Was just at Leonard's in Kapahulu during Thanksgiving while the wife and I woofed down half a dozen hot regular sugar malasadas sitting on the bench outside. That's the only way to eat it!

        1. The big 3 as far as malasadas go are leonard's, agnes, & champion in that order for me. Champion is similar in style to Leonard's (light and fluffy) while Agnes makes a denser, chewier style malasada.

          Leonard's Bakery
          933 Kapahulu Ave, Honolulu, HI 96816

          Champion Malasadas
          1926 South Beretania St, Honolulu, HI

          Agnes Portuguese Bake Shop
          46 Hoolai St, Kailua, HI

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            ok, so the dog and i got to try champion malasada today. we split one and called ahead since it takes about 10 min to make. it was the same warm/hot temperature as the malasadas we get at leonard's.

            it was very much like leonard's. same consistency, a bit less eggy, and a tiny bit less yeasty. it is really good. i feel i could tell them apart in a blind taste test, but don't prefer one to the other.

            if i had to pick up a dozen, which would i choose? champion, and this is why: easier parking and cheaper in price (70 cents versus 100 each).

            however champion is not open late or on mondays.

            now on to try agnes'.

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              I agree that there isn't much difference between Leonard's and Champion's malasadas, although I could tell them apart in a blind taste test as well. My co-worker prefers and always buys champion's. And you are right that it is cheaper and less crowded, making it more convenient.

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                Agnes is also not open on Mondays, or open late.

            2. @ the honolulu city lights there was a single food truck sold out of malasada burgers. has anyone had that?

              i have never had a krispy kreme hamburger either :(

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                interesting. i can't imagine a hamburger with that much sugar... oh wait, so its like the cheese at mcD's... ic ic

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                  a friend of mine tired one, he was decidedly unimpressed. Too soft, too sweet, just not 'right'

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                    I saw/smelled that malassada burger at Takoakko Tuesday, just the aroma was horrible. No way I'd consider eating such a creation. BTW, K-Man Merry Christmas!

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                      While a malasada burger does not seem right, I want to offer a Mele Kalikimaka to this board.


                2. The best that I have had, have been at Chef Mavro's, but those have been in multi-course tasting menus, so maybe the competition was not 100% fair?


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                    Mavro's is in it's own stratusphere.

                  2. There often is a Leonard's truck at the Windward Shopping Center

                    1. the dog and i got to try malasadas from agnes since we were heading to lanikai.

                      they are 80 cents each, so midway btwn champion (70) and leonard's (100). the also gave us a free malasada (bonus!). they were already made, i took just a second to bring out, but nice and warm nevertheless.

                      wow. i prefer the exterior slight crunch. not crispy, but just a mild crunch on the edges. edges, you say? how can a malasada have edges, aren't they spherical? well agnes' have a small hole in the center, giving it edges. the crunch was still there when we ate the second one which sat in a paper bag in the car for more than an hour while we were at the beach.

                      as for flavor, there was not much egginess, the least of the big three. it was also less yeasty than champion, which was less than leonard's. sweet, bready, yet fluffy.

                      i love all these malasadas and would be happy with any of them, or actually with all of em. but i find the crunch of agnes' quite alluring. however, i will probably be at champion most of the time, it's the most convenient. agnes' is too far from town and, like champion, closed mondays. also leonard's is always swamped with food tourists (a la liliha bakery), but they are open every day and til late night.

                      now i must try kamehameha bakery's poi doughnut, which is supposedly better than any of these, though not technially a malasada.

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                        Good assessment. I agree that each has it's own allure and all are good in their own way. It takes some willpower to turn away a malasada from any of these three, that I know! That reminds me that I still have yet to have kam bakery's poi doughnut which I have wanted to try for quite a while.

                      2. so kaimukiman has us keeping an eye out for 'mal asadas' in another thread,

                        i want to try out the same dish at the wandering palate food truck, which i also started a thread on, since they serve other stuff i want to eat,

                        but i figured i'd post the twisted pretzel and malasada place here. http://www.yelp.com/biz/twisted-pretz....

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                          Just to add to this list, I figured I would mention that the Flavor Wave booth at the farmer's markets has something called a sweet potato surprise that looks to be a malasada w/ a piece of sweet potato in the middle.