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Dec 17, 2011 05:11 PM

"Bite Sized" Full Course Meal

I wanted to plan a "bite sized" full course meal for my New Year's eve party (ie: a full course meal consisting of appetizers/hors d'oeurves) Any suggestions?

Here are some things I was thinking of:

HORS D'OEURVES: basic apps like croquettes, dips, dumplings, etc.
SOUP: different soups served in shot glasses
SALAD: mini salads served in endive leaves or crostini, caprese salad on a stick
PASTA: bite sized ravioli, pasta twirled on a fork?
SEAFOOD: crab cakes, firecracker shrimp, coconut shrimp, ceviche served in a wonton soup spoon
MEAT: rumaki, mini meatballs, thin sliced steak
CHEESE: devils on horseback, phyllo or puff pasrty filled with cheese
DESSERT: cake balls/pops, mini tarts, petit fours, mini cheesecakes

Any suggestions would kindly be appreciated!

*oh and i was planning to do only one appetizer for each course and each guest would be making one course (it's a small party)

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  1. Are you doing all the cooking or will this be catered? I'm saying this because solo this is a *LOT* of work. Catered, this can get very pricey depending on labor requirements.

    Devil on horseback is a date/prune wrapped with bacon. I take it you want to stuff the fruit with cheese?

    1. pasta could be lasagna cupcakes.
      or a tortellini on a spoon.

      1. Smoked Trout Mousse either on endive leaves or bread or crackers. It's a recipe from Diane Worthington's "The Cuisine of California". This is pretty simple, do ahead and delicious. You take a smoked trout, take off skin and bones, put it in the food processor with cream and I don't remember what else. Sorry, I made it at Thanksgiving at a relative's house.

        Also, from that book is a small red potato recipe where you scoop out the insides and put stuff like chives, cream and stuff it back in the potato then top with fish eggs/caviar. That recipe was a pain, but delicious. There was also a salmon appetizer in the book that was good. If you can't find that book,

        Grilled/broiled asparagus/cauliflower/broccoli (something that one can pick up with fingers).

        For your salad, maybe something wrapped in a rice paper - like a Vietnamese fresh spring roll, but use whatever ingredients you want...

        Cerviche could be served on tortilla chips.

        Maybe miniature sandwiches - steak or pastrami or corned beef.

        1. And I thought I overdid!

          This menu seems almost impossible to create with one person in one normal house kitchen. I don't see enough items that can be prepared ahead of time. I just see too many items that need to be a la minute in order to be successful. I would consider swapping out to include some braised items and food that can be served close to room temperature; and don't loose their special appeal if they sit on the table for more than five minutes.

          1. I had a mini comfort food cocktail party recently and the big hits were mini chicken and waffles (search on Kitchn) and tomato bisque in espresso cups. The soup could have been paired with mini grilled cheeses but it seemed like too much work to me.