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Dec 17, 2011 05:05 PM

tried and true recipes for the following: Gravlax, dill, green beans & pancetta? (not all together)

OK, today I went shopping at 99 Ranch Market which is 60 miles from my house! Of course I went a little bit crazy and bought whatever looked fun and fresh. Got home and saw a really easy Chuck Hughes recipe for Gravlax which is salmon with fresh dill, brown sugar, kosher salt & peppercorns. Has anyone tried this?

Next, I have pancetta that is vacuum-packed but needs to be cooked asap. I found some beautiful green beans and was thinking of cooking them with the pancetta. I also have to use up some baby bella mushrooms.

I could Google recipes but would much prefer some suggestions from my fellow CH's.

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    1. re: MMRuth

      Thanks for the link. I thought it was a lot more complicated.

      1. re: MMRuth

        Gravlax turned out great! Made it on Sunday and have been turning and draining it every 12 hours. I tasted it for the first time today and I think that will be Christmas Eve breakfast with cream cheese, bagels, capers & red onion!

        The other hunk of salmon I baked smothered in dill, capers, mushrooms, garlic & white wine. This iwas probably the best salmon I've bought since I left CA!

        I washed and prepped the green beans and tasted one, and it tasted so good that I ate all of them raw standing at the kitchen sink!

      2. I can't speak to the salmon but, if you have dill left over from Chuck's recipe, I suggest making compound butter and having it on the green beans. Martha Stewart has a recipe online, if you want hard-and-fast quantities.

        Or you could indeed use the pancetta with the beans, perhaps in a slight twist on country beans?

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          I'll have plenty of dill. It is a gigantic bunch that was only $1.59. Never thought of the dill & beans, but that would be a good combination. Maybe I'll use the pancetta for something else.

        2. I bought way too much salmon, so half I'm doing as gravlax and the other half will be dinner the next two nights. Tomorrow will be with white wine, dill, garlic, capers... and Tuesday I'm not sure.