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Dec 17, 2011 03:27 PM

Openings in 2012

Helena Loureiro s (chef of portus calle) second restaurant on McGill (?address) in Old Montreal will be opening in February. I emailed them as wondered if it would be opened for the holiday period. For future info there is a twitter and website!/helenamtl

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  1. While technically it still is 2011, today. I nominate Poutine en Folie at 4147 St Laurent as the first restaurant to open in 2012. I also wish them lots of luck, because that location has not worked out for Basha, Cafe Midani, Bisou, Kandybar and probably a couple of others that I missed because I blinked.

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      That cursed corner of Parc and Mont-Royal is going to see a "traiteur/lunch to go" place opening soon. Goosto is the name and I hope they will actually open unlike the previous coffee joint.

    2. Galanga Bistro Thai opened on Lajoie where the old Justine used to be. I haven't tried it yet, but my collegues who have were very satisfied.

      1. There's a new place called Epiphanies opening up between Hingston and Beaconsfield on Monkland. They label themselves as a Food Emporium, Caterer and it looks like they will serve lunch. The sign says they will open on January 6th. It's in the basement of a fairly non-descript building so would be easy to miss.

        1. New frozen yogurt joint replacing Dubai Subs on de Maisonneuve. Passed by quickly but the sign looked like it said, ie! (take off on Yeh!?). Also noticed 'burgers' on the sign. Still papered up though...

          1. This project is slated to open early this year, maybe February?
            In the same area a Fresh and Fabulous pizza joint is well on its way to opening its doors and I've heard rumors of a take out sushi shop opening near Courcelle on Notre Dame.

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              This is all fantastic!

              It's interesting to see what gentrification has done to this area of the South West in the short seven years that I've been living here. There was relatively little in the way of any "culinary scene" when I first moved, and it's always exciting to hear of new and interesting places opening up. I used to visit the Atwater Market seasonally as a kid overt wenty-five years ago and it's amazing how drastically different things are. The continuing expansion of St. Henri and Little Burg is really going to transform the neighbourhood into an entirely different place in ten-fifteen years time, and it's all for the better!

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                The place now have a name: Le Smoking Vallée and is scheduled to open mid-february, it will be a BYOB type of place

                From their twitter post:
                L'équipe de Une Table à St-Henri a choisi comme nom "Le smoking Vallée" ! C'était le surnom qu'on donnait à St-Henri à cause de la fumée des tanneries et du canal...