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Dec 17, 2011 01:43 PM

Landmark Seafood Cuisine replaces closed Elegantview at Vic Park and McNicoll in Scarborough

Newly opened Landmark Seafood Cuisine just a block south of the Crown Prince in North York will have to offer good food or cheap prices or both to survive in the cutthroat business that is Chinese restaurants in the GTA North-East. With so many choices in the area, they need some competitive advantage. One advantage will be the ample parking least until a promised Japanese/Korean restaurant opens in the same plaza. Our first experience with the dim sum offering was promising. We tried standard items (that's all they have), and found it quite tasty (even surprising so). The prices are quite low, but that could be a temporary thing with a just opened restaurant. The dim sum menu is bilingual English/Chinese, but the menu (or card) on the table is in Chinese only. Not what I would call an English-friendly place. Service was adequate, but not at all special. I did not have an opportunity to peruse a regular menu. For those familiar with the old Elegantview, not much has changed with the decor. This includes cold seating near the door during winter! If they can maintain the food quality and prices, this place has a chance....

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  1. Great stuff! Will give it a try!! Thanks T Long!

    1. I thought the quality of the dim sum on our second visit today was still acceptable but was lower than our first visit. For example, the ha cheung (shrimp noodle roll) pastry was thicker and less translucent. Most of the items are classified as XL which go for $2.38/dish on weekends and $2.18 M-F. The other dishes classified as S/M/L are $2.18 weekends and $1.98 weekdays. The four of us ended up with 10 dishes (6XL, 4SML). Dim sum hrs are 8:30am-4:00 and is throw-back cart service. Today our tea was charged at 60 cents/person. Definitely lower end, with appropriate lower prices, however the place has gotten much busier (packed today), indicating that they may have found their "winning" quality/pricing mix. I'll return, but prefer my standby Sam Woo Seafood (and its higher pricing) for regular dim sum.

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        Although I was told they have carts all week long when I went last Sunday, it was order from a menu today (Friday) likely Carts on weekends and menu M-F.

      2. Has anyone been here recently? Is it still open? Looking for a non-fancy or pricy place for dim sum tomorrow in the area.

        Are they offering early bird pricing this weekend?


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          Definitely open. Certainly non-fancy and inexpensive. They don't ever have early bird, but the all day prices beat early bird pricing at most other places. (Prices do go up about a dime per dish on weekends.) Very busy normally and would expect that this Easter weekend would be even busier than usual. Quality of dim sum is surprisingly good given the cheap pricing.

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            Thanks T Long and ace123 - thoughts on Sam Woo vs Landmark ?

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              I prefer Sam Woo Seafood for dim sum, but my cheap dim sum buddies prefer Landmark. Seriously, Sam Woo is an upgrade quality/service wise to Landmark and you will pay more at Sam Woo. Sam Woo has early bird on the week-end, but you have to be there and order before 11:00 am (11:30 weekdays). Both will be super busy this week-end. Parking at Sam Woo this Saturday will be an adventure, less so at Landmark. My advice is to go earlier if possible to either.

        2. Was there for dinner.
          Pleasantly surprised by the food quality, big portion and price.
          Excellent value. Not top-notch food but better than acceptable.
          Oysters done 2 ways (battered deep-fried & honey-glazed deep-fried) was very good, one of the best I had.

          1. Thanks TLong. I went dim sum twice and like it. Some items can be better. But I am not complaining at this price. DH likes the service. Some waitresses were very friendly to him because he is an elderly in my opinion. I also like their stir fried glutinous rice. Greasless and not soggy.