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Dec 17, 2011 01:12 PM

3 Days in Rome looking for mid-range great eats

Hi there. I am going to Rome yet for the 5th time. Love that city! However, it has been 10 years and my economic situation has change a bit, a.k.a. I can afford a little more than amazing pizza dinners every night.

We are going to be in Rome from Dec. 25 to 28th, and would like some recommendations on good eats, Italian and non-Italian, in the cheap and mid price range. We will be staying by Piazza di Spagna and will be more than willing to travel for our stomaches. Help? Thanks much!

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  1. Hi NazzM, 
    I'd recommend Flavio al Velavevodetto, Cadorna and Armando al Pantheon to eat good traditional Roman food in a trattoria. 
    For more creative food l'Asino d'Oro has an excellent quality/price ratio or you could move  outside historic center at Le Tre Zucche, Fernanda or Giuda Ballerino Osteria.
    Take into account about 30-40€ per person for all the above mentioned places. 

    Concerning non-Italian restaurants you can find great information at the following links:



    Finally I strongly suggest to check in advance if restaurants you select are open, especially  the 25th evening (I guess you are not looking for a Christmas day special menu) and the 26th that is public holiday. 

    Hope it helps, together with the many comments already available on this board for similar questions.

    Armando Al Pantheon
    Salita de' Crescenzi, 31, Roma 00186, IT

    Trattoria Cadorna
    Via Cadorna, 12, Roma 00100, IT

    Giuda Ballerino
    Largo Appio Claudio,346, Rome, Lazio 00174, IT

    Flavio al Velavevodetto
    Via di Monte Testaccio 97, Rome, Lazio 00153, IT

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      l'Asino d'Oro has a very good value set lunch for EUR 12.

      I would give Cadorna a miss - it's not exactly good value when you take into account the 10% service charge they levy on foreigners. This is on top of the bread and cover charge. The menu prices seem attractive but when you tack on the 10%, it's more costly than other options at the same level or the same as more storied options like Checchino for stuff like rigatoni alla pajata and coda alla vaccinara. Service was also not the best.

      I found Palatium pretty good value for the quality of the food and service.

      Da Remo for Roman style pizza and Pizzarium for pizza al taglio are both good values.

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        Wonderful! Thank you so much! I've got plenty of options here and will give an update after my trip. Thanks alot!