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Dec 17, 2011 12:11 PM

Where can I buy pigeon in Montréal?

I'm just back from London, where I learned a couple of new recipes for pigeon. Unfortunately, I haven't a clue where I might buy the birds. Any suggestions?



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  1. Chinatown if anywhere.

    It's on the menu at Keung Kee.

    1. Look for squab. Anybody that carries it will refer to it as such. Pigeon conjures up too nasty an image of filthy birds that defecate on statues.

      1. Prince Noir at the Jean Talon Market, La Maison de la Roti on Mont Royal, and I would presume just about any other butcher in town.

        1. Chinatown will occasionally have "live ones" if you stay observant (hint: it's not in a brick and mortar store).

          1. Try Volailles Et Gibiers Fernando (106 Roy East).

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              They definitely have guinea hen there.