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Dec 17, 2011 11:13 AM

Foodie Experiences in Boston for Christmas Gift

Looking to give my parents a nice foodie experience in Boston for Christmas. Any ideas? Have considered cooking classes, tasting menus... any others? Recommendations? Thanks!

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  1. Check out Stir, Barbara Lynch's demonstration kitchen. I haven't been but the classes look terrific.

    1. Ho wabout a food tour--North End, China Town, etc?

      1. check out oleana/sofra cafe cooking classes.

        1. My top three choices would be:

          1. a gift certificate to the Boston Center for Adult Education. They have been running some great cooking events. And your parents could choose the class and schedule they want.

          2. A class at Boston University - there are always classes here that I want to attend and they have excellent speakers

          3. A cooking class/ evening of food and wine with Executive Chef Brooke Vosika at the Four Seasons. The 2012 schedule is out and it sounds like fun. My husband and I were guests at one of these last year and highly recommend it.


          1. The tasting Menu at Craige on Main is a foodie experience and quite special. I also have heard that the cooking classes at Stir are great.