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Dec 17, 2011 11:12 AM

Early Sunday breakfast near Park Plaza?

Five adults and 2 children under 4 years old are seeking a place within very close (no more than 5 minutes) walking distance to the Park Plaza hotel tomorrow morning for a decent but reasonably priced breakfast/brunch. Hoping to meet around 9:30 AM. My parents won't do Chinatown, unfortunately. Is Mike's City Diner close enough? (I'm not too familiar with the best way to walk there from the hotel.) Any recs are greatly appreciated!!

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  1. No, mikes is more then five minutes. Someone may suggest the paramount, but this is ten minutes and very crowded on Sunday mornings. Maybe trident on Newbury.

    1. Mikes city diner is way too far to walk. So is trident, for that matter.

      Mike and Patty's is a few blocks away. I think that might be what you were asking about.

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        Mike and Patty's is great, but the OPs party is pushing capacity for seating even if they are the first ones there.

        Masa in the South end is closer to a ten minute walk, but they have a very good and reasonable priced Sunday brunch. Most things in the immediate vicinity of the OPs hotel will either be high priced, have subpar food or both. Lots of hotel breakfasts, etc.

      2. I had a feeling there weren't many options for what we were looking for, so we totally switched tactics and ended up meeting at S&S so my parents could hop right onto the Pike afterward. It met all of our criteria except for the location. I actually thought of trying Trident, so maybe next time. And I had forgotten about Mike & Patty's. Good to know about the seating capacity. Thanks for the responses!