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Dec 17, 2011 10:10 AM

Report: Andalu

A few weeks ago I posted a request for restaurants for a non-adventurous meat-eating son and his adventurous mother (me). I didn't get a whole lot of suggestions that intrigued me, so I sent the kid a list that included Lulu's and Andalu and a couple of others, and he selected Andalu.

We went on a Saturday night. Had a 7:30 reservation and they seated us right away. The restaurant is hip and noisy and comfortable. We ordered the duck confit dumplings with chili dipping sauce, the macaroni and cheese with herb tomato vinaigrette, the cambazola cheese fondue with fuji apples and asian pears, and for the kid himself, a filet mignon with a demi glace. The kid ate from all the dishes - I just didn't eat the red meat.

All dishes were delicious, well prepared and beautifully presented. I recommend for a fun, casual meal. At 54, I might have been one of the oldest persons in the restaurant!

I want to go back and try some more. The portions were generous...larger than one would expect for "small plates". Wine list was great. Looking forward to returning to Anadalu next time I'm in beautiful San Francisco.

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  1. Hi rat, thanks for the update.

    I haven't been to Andalu in well over a decade. Last time I was there, I thought "predictable, better executed elsewhere". But a decade is a long time in restaurant years.

    Do you have any comparable restaurants you tried in SF as a comparison - better or worse than Foreign Cinema, or another widely reported place?

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      Sorry, I really can't compare as I don't get to San Francisco very often. Try it and see what you think compared to others. We spent a little over $80 which included a bottle of Mark West pinot (always a worthy choice), so you're not risking much. I'll be interested to hear what you think.

    2. i've always liked Andalu (i've probably been 5 times in the past 12 years or so) but it is definitely pretty predictable and some things are done much better than others. For me it's not a destination if someone is visiting SF - too bad you didn't get more help here to your request - but good that you enjoyed yourselves!

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        Thanks for your thoughts, and as I said, I was very pleased with Andalu in that the food was well done and the variety satisfied my non-adventurous son and me. When I visit a city, I am not always looking for a destination restaurant. A fun restaurant with good food is also very enjoyable to me. I get a good feel for a city by visiting a wide variety of restaurants.

        As a Chowhound, I'm interested in all sorts of food - from food carts in Portland to high end dining in NYC and everything in between. In this same visit to San Francisco, I also enjoyed brunch at Greens and a lovely dinner with 11 other business colleagues at The Slanted Door, both of which, I suppose, might be thought of as "destination" restaurants. Also went to an unassuming tapas bar in Nob Hill called Lalola that was very enjoyable.

        I look forward to my next visit to try a number of other San Francisco restaurants. I am a great fan of Italian food and am excited to try La Ciccia and Perbacco. Cotogna also sounds interesting. Have always wanted to eat at Swan's Oyster Bar...and am interested in Foreign Cinema, Saha and Pesce...and many more.

        1. re: desert rat

          you certainly have a lot to explore here! La Ciccia, Swan Oyster and Foreign Cinema are all favorites of mine.

      2. That's never been my experience eating there although I agree for people that don't like interesting food it's a good choice. I've been about 6 time in the last decade and the food has never been more than average and the service at time has been horrible. the last time the server added an additional tip on a split bill when he didn't realize the entire tip was put on only one card. Since the full 22 percent tip was clearly on the other one at least we the additional amount he added back but I will never go back there.