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Have you bought a new dishwasher in the last 2 years?

I've had a look at older dishwasher threads. A lot of Hounds like Miehle or Bosch. I assume those brands cost more, than an American brand, right? I

My KA has to be replaced in January. It is a plain dishwasher installed under a formica counter. It has done well, but the dispenser is broken and cannot be fixed. I have just started doing research. I noticed in a thread with information from about 2-4 years ago that people were pleased with their KAs bought several years ago. Has anyone bought a KA in the last 2 years? If so how has it performed?

How about any dishwasher that has performed well for the last 2 years? Any info you can throw my way is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Sorry that you have to go through this at this time of year. One thing I would really look for are machines that are performing well with the new phosphate free detergents. Unfortunately it may limit how far back you can go with recommendations due to the change. I haven't looked but you may want to see if any manufacturers have improved their washers to work better with phosphate free detergents. I imagine they have received plenty of calls from frustrated users whose dishwashers worked great before the change.

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      Altho we have a Bosch because my wife likes it, I don't because our stoneware soup bowls and some dishes do not stay upright in the tray slots. They fold over on top of each other due to the construction of the dish trays. We had a KitchenAid before our current one. Don't ask...I do not have a vote when it comes to kitchen appliances.

      But my question is what is the name of at least one American manufacturer makes a dishwashers? I have not looked for a new dishwasher in 7 years.

    2. About two to three years ago I looked at everything, including the exotics. We chose a KichenAid KUDK03IT, and are satisfied with it.

      1. I can't express strongly enough what a POS our expensive KA dishwasher is. My SIL asked a friend in the business what to buy and got an ASKO that she loves. The KA does a much worse job of cleaning than the cheapie white Maytag it replaced, particularly when fully loaded.

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          I purchased a Bosch a little over a year ago. Love it! It's quiet and does an excellent job cleaning. Even dried on crusties from the morning, such as egg yolk, get thoughly cleaned off that night. Even fully or maybe even overly loaded up.

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            I wish now that I'd bought the much cheaper Bosch instead of the KA crapola I have now.

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            We are a 4 person family that bought an ASKO XXL series for $899. i think we paid $100 for the stainless steel, and the white would have been $800. It came with a 5 year warranty which was standard! All the important features for us: easy to use, super quiet, metal tub and super efficient. It looks like an ipod:) The manual instructs you not to rinse before loading, I scrape food off into the compost only. Love love love!

          3. Miele starts at ~$1200,KitchenAid ~$600, and Bosch ~$500.

            Scratch-n-dent and discontinued models can be found for significantly less.

            On Gardenweb.com appliance forum people have been moving away from KA the last year or so because of a new vent design that,according to the experts,blows steam into your cabinets.

            The more expensive KAs,Bosch,and Miele do not have food grinders but filters.

            Grinder free DWers need enzyme based dishwasher detergent. Most modern dishwasher detergents are enyzme based but not all. Filters need cleaned from time time. 3months to a year depending on how much food debris get into the DW.

            Bosch and Miele require rinse aid if you want bone dry dishes immediately after the cycle ends becuase they don't have heated dry.

            Top end KA have heated and European drying methods.

            Except for the most expensive two models,Bosch dishwashers are made in New Bern,North Carolina. Asko dishwashers,which someone else mentioned,are made in Sweeden. Finding parts and service for Asko DWers can be difficult in certain areas of the USA.

            I would go with either Bosch or Miele depending on your budget.

            If you are a conspiracy theorist,and think the single world wide government is out to control your mind by putting special secret chemicals in rinse aid then probably go with KA.

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              In November 2010 I replaced by Bosch cooktop and my Bosch dishwasher. I went with the Miele La Perla dishwasher and it is a dream machine compared to my Bosch (12 yers old - I could finally justify getting rid of my poorly designed appliances). I like that the Miele has a third top rack for your silverware and no baskets. No more nesting spoons, forks and knives. When the cycle is finished, it automatically has an arm that pushes the door open about three inches to let steam out and you can hear a fan running inside. I also like the fact that it has the control screen on the front of the door and not on the top of the door lid. I believe Miele is a price controlled brand so I don't think you will find a bargain. I think it was in the $2200 range and I have my matching cabinet panels on the front door. I believe the stainless steel door was $200 extra.

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                Just completed a very long awaited kitchen makeover including a new Miele La Perla model dishwasher....replaced a KA unit that was perhaps 8 years old but sounded like a jet engine. Miele was chosen for it's near silent operation and cleaning ability. Phenomenal performance that has everything sparkling including a bunch of cheap stemware that previously had developed a fog like coating from the KA that we could only remove by soaking the glasses in a solution of TSP. Yes the storage racks with the third shelf for silverware is cool and the fact that the unit does look really nice with the built in cabinet panel is also sweet but the fact is our Miele cleans like a champ and we can run a load during a dinner party in our open kitchen with barely a whisper level of sound.....the old KA forced us to hold off until the guests had left before firing it up. Yes the Miele requires salt, rinse aid and their own brand of detergent tablets but they perform well together and are worth the cost.

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                I need rinse aid in my KA or my stuff is spotty and glass is dull. Also, it doesn't dry anything, even though it has a "heated drying button." The other thing that I hate about it and almost every other high end dw I looked at is the long, sideways silverware basket... can't place silverware throughout the basket without pulling out the bottom rack, so everyone in my house dumps every bit of it into the front few inches.

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                  That's interesting. I like the long front-to-back basket. And I never want heated drying, so don't care how well it works.

                  1. re: GH1618

                    What do you like about it, compared to a front basket which hold the same stuff and doesn't require you to pull out the whole rack every time you want to drop something in?

                    1. re: mcf

                      It just seems to me that it's a more efficient use of space compared to my previous dishwasher, about which I thought the basket was in the way. I don't mind pulling out the rack. Often I remove the basket entirely to load it. It's a pretty small effot, and I just can't see the work involved in loading a dishwasher to be an important problem.

                      Having several untrainable people in the household can be a problem, I admit. I have only one, and I prefer to load the dishwasher myself. What I don't like is having to rearrange the load when someone else does it haphazardly. That problem goes well beyond the design of the basket.

                      And the old basket was not a long thin one along the front edge, but a square one in the middle of the front.

                      Addendum: I should add that with basket on the right side, and the dishwasher at the right end of the kitchen, the basket is out of the way as I load it from the left side. If it were the other way around, it would be a small nuisance.

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                        I have to reload all the silver every time I run it. And with only two or three of us in the house most of the time, it's not a matter of loading and running it once, it's a two to three day accumulation of inconvenience. I often take out the basket to unload it, but not to put things in, when I have to redistribute all the nested silver in the front corner every time I open it!

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                  Thanks for this info, DA. I wondered if the design on the KA (which used to be good) had changed. Apparently it has, for the worst.

                  I don'f feat a single world wide government, but I am disgusted the Whirlpool seems to make every American dishwasher except for GE.

                  1. re: sueatmo

                    All KA products (from my once beloved drip coffee pot to my DW) seem to have taken a big dive in the past few years, quality wise.

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                      I don't think much of KA's small electrics, to be sure. But aren't the large appliances being made by Whirlpool? It just seems like almost a monopoly regarding American branded large appliances. Not much competition to improve between the brands.

                      1. re: sueatmo

                        That's true. KA was acquired by Whirlpool in 1986. Even Maytag is part of Whirlpool now.

                        1. re: GH1618

                          So, Whirlpool, Kenmore, Maytag and Kitchen Aid are all made by Whirlpool? Any others?

                          Hotpoint is made by GE. (If Hotpoint is still around.)

                          Who makes Frigidaire, Viking and Wolf?

                          1. re: sueatmo

                            Obviously Whirlpool Gold and Jenn-Air is also part of the Whirlpool empire.

                            Whirlpool's Italian subsidiary makes most Ikea appliances.

                            Frigidaire is owned by Sweeden's Electrolux.

                            Wolf is part of Wolf-Sub-Zero.

                            Viking is independent. For now,but they have some murky undefined to the public relationship with South Korea's LG.

                            1. re: DeeAgeaux

                              Thanks! I'd forgotten about Jenn-Air. Instead of Microsoft or Apple, it appears that Whirlpool is trying to take over the world.

                              1. re: sueatmo

                                There is nothing unusual about what Whirlpool has done. This has happened in every large i dustry. In fact, Maytag embarked on a program of acquisition and diversification in an attempt to increase the value of their company. It didn't work out, which is what made them vulnerable to a Whirlpool takeover.

                                1. re: GH1618

                                  I'm not saying it is unusual. I'm saying I don't like it, and it would seem to me to dampen competition between the brands. I imagine they just carve up the market and slot models into specific demographic slots.

                                  1. re: sueatmo

                                    Sure they do. The same as General Motors. I don't like it either, but there's nothing that can be done about it in a free society. As individuals, we can only seek out quality products and support the manufacturers by buying them. Too often, there are not enough like-minded consumers to sustain a good product, because large companies have an economy of scale, and most people want to spend less when they can.

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                          I think it's a Big Problem. My original KA drip pot got high reviews on coffeegeek.com and I loved it, but it was recalled and the new pots got dreadful reviews, from leakage to breakage to bad coffee. Complete redesign.

                  2. Last spring I replaced my ten year-old GE with the same model, with one change; the old one still worked perfectly but the inside was falling apart so I upgraded to a stainless steel interior. I guess they have made changes in the engineering as the new dishwasher is much quieter---at first I didn't think it was working. Nothing exotic, nothing fancy, and no complaints.

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                      How quiet is your GE? Does it have grinders? Your dishes come out clean using the new dishwashing detergent formula?

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                        I'm glad the OP has made her choice. Still, I thought I'd add a few words about my mom's new GE model #GDWF160RSS for future readers since there's little General Electric info in this discussion. It was installed in August.

                        Six years ago, I bought a Kitchenaid "S" for myself, and luckily it's going strong.

                        But in choosing for my mother, we couldn't know how long she'd be staying in her home and she's not a frequent user. With the lemon rate of new dishwashers these days, we didn't want to tie up that much money in something that might only last a couple years. A friend had replaced a top of the line Kenmore that died after 3 years with the enamel interior version of the GE we chose. It had been recommended to her by an appliance installation guy and I had a chance to use it at her house a couple times.

                        For Mom we considered an entry level Bosch and the GE. Since Mom uses a lot of plastic containers, the GE was the better choice because of the top rack design and heated drying. The interior of the GE is larger. And at $425, it's one of the lowest priced dishwashers we could find with stainless steel front and interior.

                        It is not quite as quiet as my KA, but the barely noticeable sounds are of the water circulating and are not unpleasant. And it's much quieter than the machine it replaced. Mom has hard water so we use rinseaid and always make sure that the water out of the tap is running hot before we start it. So far it's cleaning very well and we have no complaints. It's good value for this price point and if it lasts five or more years, we'll have gotten our money's worth.

                        1. re: Melanie Wong

                          Thanks for sharing. I hope your mom's GE performs well. It sounds like you got a good unit at a good price.

                          1. re: sueatmo

                            You're welcome and may the dishwasher gods be good to you.

                      2. We replaced a top-of-the-line GE with a low-end Bosch about two years ago and have been VERY happy! I'm sure I would love a Miehle, but it wasn't in the budget. I think our Bosch was around $600 and the similar current model is ~$700.

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                        1. re: onrushpam

                          When we moved into this house five years ago there was a Miele dishwasher that was about 5-6 years old. I didn't like the full rack on top for flatware. Too slow to put in and take out. And it wasn't that quiet. My Bosch is so quiet I sonetimes think I forgot to turn it on. I look into the kitchen and the light on the bottom that shines on the floor, which is handy, tells me that it is indeed on.

                          1. re: Rheta

                            I only have experience with my Miele La Perla, which is one of their top-of-the-line dishwashers. I absolutely love the third silverware rack where I put silverware in individually. It is very easy to run your hand under the silverware when the cycle is finished to take out too. I don't find it annoying at all plus it avoids nesting silverware that will not get clean because most people overload the silveware basket where the third rack avoids that problem. I really disliked the Bosch I had because of the design of the basket dead center-front plus you had to keep clear of the center of both racks because it had a wash tower that had to go up. As the years went by, believe me, that dishwasher was no longer quiet. Poor design with my Bosch cooktop too. Tried to get fixed one burner that when the electronic ignition snapped, the burner would light but the snapping didn't stop. When the repair may came he had to take off the cooktop and every one of the screws that held it in place turned to powder - what? They didn't use screws that could tolerate heat? After all, it is a cook top. After replacing parts, the snapping burner just kept on snapping and there was nothing more the repairman could do. I was so done with that cook top. Replaced it with a Dacor and the quality went up big time.

                            1. re: Vera

                              Would you mind disclosong about how much you paid for your Miele La Perla? Thanks.

                              1. re: sueatmo

                                They just replaced the La Perla II with the Futura Diamond which is ~$2749 but comes with a five year warranty and 24 hr monitoring via wifi which is optional on the La Perla II.

                                I purchased a floor model La Perla II fully integrated in SS with optional 4" SS toekick for $1669(UMRP $2504) about 4 months ago.

                                If you are looking for a discontinued Miele I would look for discounts in the 20-35% range. If more than that I would tread carefully. Is it a floor model or used model? If you buy from anyone other than authorized dealer it no longer comes with warranty. Is it a floor model or a used model?Is something wrong with it?

                                1. re: sueatmo

                                  I paid about $2200 from an authorized dealer for the Miele La Perla. It costs an extra $200 for the stainless steel door. I had cabinet fronts from my old Bosch and my husband was able to use them on the front of my new Miele last April 2011. It also has a wifi connection option so the dishwasher can be troubleshooted. However, I think you had to buy a gadget extra and by the time I realized that, it was already installed. I also love the automatic "grab the door closed" and automatic door opening when the cycle is finished. An arm ushes the door open about 3 or 4 inches. That is when you certainly know your cycle is finished. I also wanted a door with the screen in front with the controls rather than the controls hidden on the top lid of the door. Love it, love it, love it.

                                  1. re: Vera

                                    As I expected, the Miele is out of my price range.

                                    1. re: sueatmo

                                      Miele DWers other than TOL models are very good too:)

                                      Like I said in my first post, they start ~$1200.

                                      What is your budget? I will recommend a dishwasher for you regardless of your budget.

                                      1. re: DeeAgeaux

                                        Definitely under $1000. Has to be white. We have to be able to get service in the StL area if we need it.

                                        1. re: sueatmo

                                          Bosch SHE68R52UC in WHITE is $845 delivered to your door. At 44 dba it is quietest in class. With half-load option as well as eco-sense for lightly soiled dishes most water/energy efficient in class.


                                          Designer Appliances By Lemcke in Webster Groves MO 314-968-7575 has a discontinued Diamante Plus in SS with warranty for $1000 which is normally $1550 and has an internal water softner which is very helpful if you have hard water. At 45 dba very quiet and very water/energy efficient.

                                          Discontinued Miele dishwashers in White can usually be found cheap on ebay and elsewhere but can't locate one now.

                                          Both can be serviced in StL.

                                          1. re: DeeAgeaux

                                            Thanks DA. We will begin looking after the 1st of the year, because we will be gone Christmas week. I don't know Designer Appliances, but a dealer in my area is said to carry Bosch and GE. Another, very trusted dealer carries Whirlpool et al. We'd like to keep it below $1000 if possible. I feel like you and everyone else have imparted good information, and I hope others have benefitted as well. Thanks again.

                          2. Had a GE Profile 580 installed a couple of weeks ago. Hard to hear it running at all. Loads and cleans nicely. Zillions of options. Happy so far. By far the quietest dishwasher I've experienced anywhere.


                            1. I purchased a new KA (KUDS301X) in April. It replaced a 20+ year old Whirlpool. It was about $600 on sale at Sears and with installation, warranty, and misc charges ended up closer to $1000. (I also had to have a plumber come in and replace the connecting pipes and upgrade the electrical connections, but that's a problem with older houses.)

                              I am very pleased with the KA although it took a couple of months to get used to it. For one thing the cycle is much longer. There is an option to run a fast cycle, but when you do that you lose the energy efficiency. So I have got into the habit of starting the cycle right before I go to bed. Everything is very clean and dry the next morning. There are a few other options, like ProScrub and High Heat Sterilization that I haven't even tried.

                              I am pleased with the cleaning performance and the drying performance when I let it run the full cycle. It came with samples of Finish rinse agent and detergent tabs and I have switched to this brand. I used to prefer Cascade, but I think the Finish does a better job at least in this DW. I use the rinse agent and I find that one of the small bottles lasts me for quite some time.

                              I have a small household, so I only run the DW 2 - 3 times a week. I do rinse things pretty well before I put them in, but that's probably an old habit from the ancient DW and because I may not be running it right away.

                              I love the fact that the interior capacity seems much larger than my old DW. I love the stainless interior. The top rack adjusts so I can lift it to fit larger items on the bottom or lower it to fit taller items on top. I understand what one of the other posters mentioned about the arrangement of the silverware tray, but I find this to be a minor annoyance. I do also find myself re-arranging things after other household members have "helped" load the DW.

                              All in all, I am very pleased with the KA.

                              1. Just wanted to go back up here and note that Bosch at least doesn't necessarily cost more than American brands; they have models from about $500 up. I'm guessing from what I've read here over time Miele is the same way. If you're comparing like features, etc, it's not necessarily more, but their lowest end model is just not very low end. Now if you're looking at the really low end, then the answer might be yes. But KitchenAid also basically doesn't have a really low end model. As you've read elsewhere in the thread, most other brands have common ownership. If you want a US-based parent company, you either have the GE or the Whirlpool brands. The other former US brands are now owned by Electrolux. Bosch makes their dishwashers in the US but obviously is not a US-based company.

                                The Bosch I bought about 5 years ago (their entry level at the time, I believe) was around $590 and after a 10% off coupon from Lowe's and a couple of rebates the dishwasher cost less than $450. Well worth it compared to anything else at that price, certainly had more going for it (and came out costing less) than the Kenmore made by Whirlpool that I was originally going to get. That said, I wish I had checked with local stores too when shopping for that appliance. Turns out most of these can at least get similar deals. I know better now than I did then. The local shop that repaired the Bosch (replaced electronics board under warranty, yeah, that's been a common thing apparently) was very good.

                                1. Hi- I know you're looking for positive recs, but I'm going to do the opposite. We bought a house last year that had a newly renovated kitchen. It has a Frigidare dishwasher, and it's the worst DW I've ever encountered. It doesn't clean *anything*.

                                  It's essentially an expensive drying rack.

                                  1. I bought a KA about 1 year ago, to replace my 20+ year old KA. I bought a moderate priced model, about $700. I am generally quite pleased with the dishwasher. A few observations and peeves (some of which have been noted by others):

                                    Cycle times are much longer than the old DW, but this is a function of energy-efficiency changes and is true of all brands.

                                    I agree with others that the configuration of the flatware holder is a pain. I wish that, in place of one long basket, they'd give you 2 shorter ones. Often times I don't need that much flatware space and it would be nice to be able to put another pot or serving piece in the DW.

                                    Indeed, in general, I find that the configuration of the racks, both upper & lower, is harder to use than the old one. Again, having looked inside a lot of different models (I was focused on KA or Bosch), I don't know that the KA is all that different than competitors. My son who recently moved into a apartment with a Kenmore, which he thinks was made by Bosch, reports similar frustrations with the rack configuration.

                                    Biggest problem at first was the manner in which the upper rack is configured for holding tall glasses (tumblers). In our early uses, we actually had a couple of glasses break, from tipping over while the DW was in use, because we'd not placed them just-so in the DW. After re-reading the manual, we got better at this. I also bought some new glasses with thicker side-walls that are less prone to breakage.

                                    One of the reasons that I bought the KA was that I really liked the feature of our old DW, which allowed you to adjust the top shelf up or down. KA is just about the only manufacturer that offered this feature in mid-price models when I was looking last year. We stiil use it but not as much as we used to because the entire DW is somewhat taller. So, even without adjusting the top rack, there is more space available in both the upper and lower levels.

                                    Note that one of the other reasons that I bought the KA is because I am one of those people who out of energy-consciousness (or frugality) never used the heating feature of the dishwasher, and KA is one of the few American brands that lets you opt out of heating. So, while others are complaining that their new, energy efficient models don't get everything bone dry -- especially plastic containers placed in the top rack -- this is something I've lived with for years. I run the DW after dinner, empty it the next morning, placing any damp items in the dishrack on the counter, and through the marvels of evaporation, it's dry within an hour or so.

                                    Bottom line: If I had it to do over, I'd buy the same model. It was reasonably priced and serves my needs. Cleans just fine; I am generally using Finish powerballs.

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                                    1. re: masha

                                      One more thought, check with your local energy company to see if there are any rebates available for getting new energy efficient appliances. I got $50.

                                      1. re: masha

                                        Our model KA is a KUDS301V (stainless steel front with visible buttons, stainless steel interior) -- i.e., essentially the same as PamF's as the last digit (V or X) reflects the color.

                                      2. We bought our KA dishwasher just about 2 years ago and couldn't be happier. It has the silverware basket that my wife loves and a silverware tray on top that I love. Yes the cycle is very long so we run it over night. It's not as quiet as the Bosch or Miele but it is definitely not loud. I like the fat that we don't have to clean the filter since it has a grinder (which accounts for some of the noise. All in all I would not have chosen a different brand or model.

                                        1. We bought a Bosch. We should have it next week. I found a Bosch at a local dealer that has been in the area for decades. I bought a gas cooktop from them in the 1970s! I got good info from both dealers I visited. I chose the Bosch over the KA for no good reason. The interior of the KA is really nice, but the Bosch was very close and frankly I liked its looks better. This is a mid-range appliance, more toward the lower end, I think. The KA we were considering has grinders; the Bosch has a filter, and it was no problem for Mr. Sueatmo, who cleans up, to handle. Thanks for all your input. May all your dishwashers work well tonight.

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                                          1. re: sueatmo

                                            We had the same decision a few months ago, between KA and Bosch and went with the Bosch. It does a great job but it's hard to load, tines are a little too close together. I laughed at the idea of bringing dishes to the store but now I wish we had. That said, the few dishes that fit are sparkling clean, as long as we use a rinse agent, and it's very quiet. Ours was lower range Bosch, under $1000 but I can't remember which model. I wish we had sprung for a larger one. I'd love to hear how you like yours.

                                            1. re: sueatmo

                                              Congrats on your new Bosch! I'm sure you will be very happy with it. I love mine!

                                            2. I have purchased a Bosch to replace a 30+ yr old dishwasher. I got it during our rebate season and it was originally about $600+ but after the rebate $100 plus delivery. I LOVE it! I initially said I'd use it once a month because we were never allowed to use the dishwasher much and it felt odd to me but I use it literally every day or every other day. It's a great dishwasher

                                              1. I bought a Whirlpool Gold. It is great and was highly rated. It was under $500. It does a terrific job. I couldn't be happier.

                                                1. We bought a KA about 6 months ago and so far I'm quite happy with it. It has the built-in garbage disposal so the dirty dishes don't have to be scraped carefully and it seems to do a great job at cleaning even stuck on stuff. I don't run my DW every day so I was kind of worried about how it would do on dishes left 2 or 3 days with dried on stuff but it cleans very well.

                                                  1. Just to bring everything up to date--we really like our new Bosch. We'd like to have rinse and hold, but other than that, the Bosch is built well, really quiet, and seems built very well. My flatware looks fabulous. I'd recommend this brand to anyone, based on my experience of 2 weeks.

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                                                    1. re: sueatmo

                                                      Your flatware was beautiful to begin with, IIRC. Mine comes out mirror shiny, too. Even from the dishwasher I hate. Should have bought a Bosch.

                                                      1. re: mcf

                                                        You do recall correctly. I love it. I will order the final serving pieces later this month.

                                                        1. re: mcf

                                                          You remember correctly. I intend to order the last few serving pieces later this month.

                                                      2. Congratulations on your new dishwasher sueatmo. In case other folks come here looking for ideas, I thought I'd share that we recently purchased a Miele Diamond, from their new G5000 series. We were especially impressed by the 3-D flatware racks that allow a high degree of flexibility in terms of fitting odd height items beneath it (like extra tall wine glasses) or, large serving pieces in the trays. We are always shocked at just how many items we can fit in the dishwasher...there always seems to be room for "just one more thing". Miele's new patented "clean touch steel" is really impressive and the dishwasher always looks pristine. I'd highly recommend this dishwasher.

                                                        ETA: I notice that in the US, the G5000 dishwashers are branded as the "Futura" series.

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                                                        1. re: Breadcrumbs

                                                          When you want the very best, the Miele is probably the one to go for. I am glad you like yours. It is odd how much we grow to depend on our dishwashers. Good ones are wonderful.

                                                        2. Over 60 replies so far and, surprisingly, I haven't seen Samsung or LG mentioned. I'm going the need a new dishwasher this year and have been looking around and figured one of the Korean brands would be the way to go. Does anyone have any experience with Samsung or LG?

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                                                            At one time LG had a lot of probs. I don't know if this is still true. If you buy one of these brands make sure you can get them serviced.