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When you've eaten too much...

Since it's the season, what do you do when you feel uncomfortably full? Walk? Lie down? Change clothes?... Does anything help you feel better?

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  1. It doesn't happen as much as it used to (I've significantly cut down on portion sizes at home, and when my man and I go out to dinner, we often split an app & an entree, and it's enough), but given that change in eating habits, when it happens, I find it incredibly uncomfortable and borderline painful.

    Many years ago, we used to get Indian take-out with this other couple. Well, god knows what I ate, but it was way. too. much. I felt like I had swallowed a medicine ball, and had to retire into another room for an embarrassingly long time (45 min. or so), lying on guest bed with my pants undone and moaning. Ugh.

    Last summer in Berlin went to a Greek resto with friends where we split a (very generous) appetizer platter, and I had an entree -- against my better judgment -- and felt so downright awful I made myself throw up.... something I never, EVER do. I really didn't want to, but I also wanted to be able to enjoy the rest of the evening, which I did.

    The most recent occasion where this happened was, duh, Thanksgiving. I hadn't eaten anything beforehand, so was starvated by 4 PM and had 3 helpings (small helpings, but nonetheless more food I am used to). I went outside and walked around for about 20 minutes, which helped a bit. Comfy clothes aka eatin' pants is an obvious choice, but frankly, I'd just rather not overeat and feel good :-)

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      "lying on guest bed with my pants undone and moaning"

      LOL, wondering what your hosts were thinking...;-) I'd rather avoid the overly full feeling, too, and am normally pretty good about it. The hardest thing I've ever done in a restaurant is walk away from a partially eaten dessert (one that wouldn't be good later) because I knew if I finished it, I'd be uncomfortably full. I still think about that piece sitting there...

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        Well, they were/are good friends, so they probably just felt bad for me. But yeah, not really something I strive to experience anymore...

    2. Depending on the situation, get up and walk or dance after eating too much. If we're out or at someone else's house, I'll wear tight pants with a belt or a dress with pantyhose, to keep me in line. There's almost always the leftover option.

      If we're at home, with guests, I'm usually too busy to overeat. Now, if I'm home alone, I'll plan for the future gorge by putting my pjs or sweats on - tee, hee.

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        Dance? Can you dance when you're that full?

        At home, I tend to taste as I cook so I don't feel like eating much afterward. Maybe that's the best control! Yeah, pjs and sweats just feel so good then.

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          dancing, thats what adam richman always tells people to do on MVFN. the richman shimmy to get the food down!

        2. Walk it off. Exercise helps aid your digestion and get things moving so you'll feel better. But I try not to get to that stage. It's not pleasant to overeat, no matter how good the food was!

          1. It is many years since I last felt I had eaten too much. That is why I am now a short fat man, instead of being just a short man.

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              LOL, I've always pictured you as a Monty Python-esque figure, like Eric Idle or Michael Palin. Hmm, perhaps Terry Jones would fit your self-description!

            2. Once at a party in downtown Los Angeles, the food was so great that I ate far more than was prudent. I tried walking it off without success, so I stopped in at a liquor store to pick up a bottle of Underberg to settle my stomach. This was in a not-so-hot part of downtown L.A. -- the guy behind the counter gave me a knowing look, and pulled a bottle of _Thunderbird_ out from under the counter. Not exactly what I had in mind.

              1. I don't eat too much when I'm out and I try to wear loose clothing. It helps being tall and thin because people don't question my small appetite. But that means that I'm the one wanting to stop for fast food after weddings, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.

                At home I either retreat to my bed if really uncomfortable with a mug of mint tea and hope that I feel better before bed. Or depending on the time of day and the weather outside I take a walk.

                1. Put 1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda in a small glass of water, drink then walk around, You will belch much, and feel much better. Don't over do the bicarb, it is a powerful emitic. My DH and FIL swear by it, and I've done it too. Works like a charm.

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                    Thank you for the tip! I have acid reflux issues, so this will probably help that as well. Thanks!

                    1. Like a hangover, time cures all.

                      1. i absolutely hate that feeling. that's why i wear jeans and notch the belt down one before i enter a meal i know i have the potential to over eat.

                        when i do get to that stage, i walk it off. change into pajamas. or just flat out go to bed.

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                          I can't lie down---bad indigestion if I overeat. So, I try not to do so too often. But our favorite mexican place does this to me every single ime and I never learn my lesson. I walk around and take alka seltzer (though I'm going to try the baking soda tip above next time).

                        2. When I do overeat and have that bloated feeling it is always after eating out at a restaurant. That said, I walk it off. And when I get home, I have a glass of Effervescente Al Limone. Always does the trick.


                          1. i generally try to go for a slow, long walk and then fall into a massive food coma

                            1. I hate it when I am really thirsty and drink a ton of water and then suddenly try to hurry to get somwhere... I can feel the liquids sloshing around in my stomach, and my friends are like, why are you going so slow?

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                                I hate hearing coffee sloshing in my stomach when I run but it doesn't stop me from my morning coffee.

                              2. sex then sleep then repeat the pattern

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                                    ....you're kidding right? gad, talk about having NOOOOOO fun at all :(

                                  2. Fernet Branca, straight. There's a reason why stuff like this is called a digestive.

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                                      If that was the cure, I'd prefer to suffer through the disease.

                                    2. I have not so fond memories of eating for two days last year. Too much food and too much time on my hands. This year I'm happy to say that I'm volunteering in a local hospital. I look forward to having to do something on Boxing day that doesn't involve eating! I'd much rather visit the elderly and make them feel special rather than sleep and snack! Wishing everyone a wonderful Holiday Season!

                                      1. My go-to is a few cups of hot water. I don't know what it does, but I feel much better after it.

                                        1. Drinking some 7-up, ginger ale, or green or peppermint tea helps settle my stomach after over eating.

                                          1. "Does anything help you feel better?"


                                            Like Mr. Creosote, one simply explodes.

                                            Barring that, a mumu works wonders. Preferably in a slimming black fabric...

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                                              I found a sweater dress to be perfect this holiday season. It was a comfortable 6 hour car ride to Thanksgiving dinner and I arrived unwrinkled. Able to eat w/out worrying about tightness around the waist And then it was a comfortable 2 hour car ride to our lodging for the night. The same for Christmas.

                                            2. Club soda or seltzer. This time of year, I buy the cheap store brands or make homemade. Somebody always needs it.

                                                1. Eat an extra helping of dessert. Weird, but it really works!

                                                  1. pepto bismol.

                                                    My go-to GI curative.


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                                                      Alka Seltzer girl here.
                                                      my family hates it and thinks I'm addicted but it's like Windex in
                                                      'my big fat Greek wedding' it fixes every ill.

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                                                        Pepto is my best friend, never leave home without it. My BF's parents now keep on hand the liquid pepto for me, the chewable for him, and the pills for his sister.

                                                      2. A walk helps. But I really find a piece of fruit, maybe an apple or some mango or pineapple really helps spur digestion along. There must be some good enzymes in there!

                                                        1. I simply can not eat too much these days -- I just shut down, even when there is more great food to be eaten. My DH keeps on truckin', but I can't.

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                                                            I find this to be the case, too, and I don't need as much to get full either.

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                                                              Amen to that. Growing up, I could really put it away with no problems (whole pizza and an entire baked Alaska one time). Now I just listen to that signal that says stop. If I'm out, I can always take the remainders home. Eating slower, I find, helps in that department. If, and that's a big if, I do feel a bit overwhelmed, a little annisette helps settle things down.

                                                            2. Oh, the downside of being a foodie. Christmas dinner really killed me this year. I just never learn. Mint tea didn't work this time, just added more bloat. Occasionally, a couple Tums are mandatory and will help a little. Time is usually the only cure. Then it starts all over again. As I get older, I can't consume with impunity the way I used to.

                                                              1. Apple cider vinegar in water. As much avc as you can manage without it overwhelming you.

                                                                1. Walk it off, and then make sure I don't eat until I am truly hungry. My rule of thumb is to wait an hour for every hundred calories consumed. If I've eaten a huge meal of 1500 calories, that would be a full 15 hours before I eat a full meal. Tea and coffee don't count.

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                                                                    what a great rule! I've never thought of something like that but it seems like it would be a concrete way to curb snacking, which i tend to do no matter my hunger level...

                                                                  2. I've found the walk really helps, likely because it speeds up your metabolism a little and thus your digestion. If you can stomach it, some tea can also help for the same reason. If you can manage a cup of tea and then a walk, even better.

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                                                                      Yes, tea without sugar helps. Green tea is the best, and I'm not usually a lover of green tea.

                                                                      1. Alka Seltzer. I have a lot of stomach issues and a flight attendant told me to try it. Its my go to! I have to eat really small meals or I feel sick immediately. Walking helps too! Great ideas.

                                                                        1. eating a peppermint candy

                                                                          1. Walking, dancing, yes. A digestif of bitters (Averna!) or even a cognac. Some folks might like Angostura in selzer but I find that bubbles (even Alka Selzer or baking soda) are a very bad idea.


                                                                            1. If you feel uncomfortably full, I think you should sit or lie down for a short time, then drink a cup of pu er tea or green tea to help you digest. Walking is always good, but if you don't feel comfortable, maybe walking right away isn't a good idea.

                                                                              1. Well walking is good and so is a little lie down , one comment i have seen eat a pepper mint candy is a good one two

                                                                                1. Once, prior to child rearing, my spouse and I took a blow-out trip to Vegas. My spouse ordered a whole lobe of foie gras at an upscale restaurant in the Bellagio (this was 2000, I don't remember its name). I am not a fan of foie gras. HE. ATE. THE. WHOLE. LOBE. HIMSELF. It was huge and not cheap. Shortly after paying the bill, he said he didn't feel well (!) and we returned to our hotel room. He puked up his guts in the toilet for about an hour and a half. Then, he took a shower and we resumed our 24 hour schedule of partying. Whenever he now accuses me of eating one cookie too many, I remind him of this disgusting, Roman-esque experience.

                                                                                  1. ......take the worlds biggest dog on the worlds longest walk

                                                                                    1. I realize this is a very old post but I wanted to toss my easy remedy into the ring. Papaya Enzyme. You can pick them up at health food stores, vitamin stores and the healthy section of my grocery stores.

                                                                                      I chew a couple of these and am good to go. Sadly, I rely on these too often.

                                                                                      Julia in Woodinville, WA