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Dec 17, 2011 09:15 AM

Restaurants with private event rooms near the Manchester Grand Hyatt

I'm an out-of-towner tasked with picking a restaurant for a dinner as part of a February conference at the Manchester Grand Hyatt.

The budget is $95 per person (including tax, tip, and wine). We need a place with a private room that would fit 20-30 people, and it has to be within walking distance (less than a half mile) from the Manchester Grand Hyatt. By walking, I mean walking, no water-taxis.

From looking through the boards, one option is Candelas. Someone also recommended Salvatore's. Thoughts? Other choices?

Thank you all so much - I love picking restaurants, but picking a restaurant, in a town that I've never been to, for people I want to impress has me a little overwhelmed!

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  1. JSix is about 0.5 miles away in the Kimpton hotel. Very good food with focus on local ingredients. I am sure they will have larger private dining rooms

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      I've never been overly impressed with Salvatore's, Candelas is okay, but I actually like the Coronado location better than the Gaslmap location.

      You might look at Top of the Market for seafood, also Roy's Hawaiian Fusion at the Marriott Marquis and if you want to go safe, there is a Morton's, Fleming's, Ruth's Chris and Lou & Mickey's all within your target area.

    2. Actually, as far as Italian goes in San Diego, Salvatore's is one of the better ones and they do have a private room.

      You might want to check out a new place that just opened called The Lion's Share--located very close to the Manchester Hyatt on Kettner and they will close the place for private events. The newest gastropub that specializes in 'hearty' foods with game (i.e. similar to the Tractor Room),that includes menu items such as boars ribs, gazelle sliders, etc. along with more traditional fare. Craft beer, craft cocktails, and decent wine list:

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