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Best Frozen Croissants

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Tried the frozen ones from Williams Sonoma in the States.. don't think the ones here sell any frozen goods.

Anything similar for sale in Toronto?


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  1. Costco has some at the moment. They have plain or mini chocolate, all butter I believe. I went for the chocolate, around $10-$11 for 30. They are very good. I'm not sure if they are just a holiday item. When I bought them the cashier commented that she hadn't seen them before.
    I didn't look at the box of plain croissants very carefully, so I don't know for sure if they are mini or full sized. It was a box of 60 for around $15 IIRC.
    If they are on the shelf in the new year I will definitely buy them again.

    1. patachou sells frozen croissants -- never had them, though. their regular croissants are pretty good, if memory serves.

      1. Ma Maison (Dundas West near Royal York)